Sunday 13 January 2013

Sunday Morning

Louise and I will often go to Tim Horton’s for a Sunday morning coffee, and today was no exception. The timing is as important as the location, because if you don’t time it right, you end up waiting in line behind families dressed in their Sunday best. Church will usually end anywhere from 10:00 to 11:00 and if the Tim’s happens to be close to the church, the parking lot and tables fill up pretty fast.

When our kids were young, we decided that it would be good for them to have a solid basis in Christianity in order to make informed decisions regarding the spiritual side of life. I don’t know if what they learned about religion has stayed with them, but they certainly learned a lot about the type of people who populated the churches we attended. Like any community of people you get all sorts and some of them, perhaps most of them are good and decent human beings. Some you just don’t care for, and there are others that just give you the creeps.

Louise became involved in the alter guild and I shovelled the walks once or twice. There were chairs that needed to be set up or taken down at different times and any number of things that needed doing. There was never an end to the need for volunteers. We tried to go every Sunday and for the most part we were successful. Every now and then of course we would sleep in or have something else that prevented us from going. One of the ministers mentioned in a sermon once that you could go to church 51 weeks in a row, but if you missed one Sunday the neighbours would notice and more than likely comment. I don’t know that we had neighbours that were that observant, but for some reason that sermon stuck with me.

Usually I used the time in church to rest my eyes and contemplate the universe. I don’t think God lives in churches, but He must drop in from time to time to see what is going on. Perhaps He goes there to rest his eyes and contemplate the universe. It is a good place for that.

We don’t attend church any more, but every now and then I have the desire to drop in unannounced and check out what is going on. I do kind of miss listening to the ministers take on life and usually there is fellowship after the service in a room off to the side. During the fellowship you could talk to the other parishioners and drink possibly the worst coffee on the face of the earth. Maybe that’s why the Tim Horton’s is so crowded right after the church services now.

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