Thursday, 31 January 2013

Everyday Magic

I was thinking about magic today. Okay, I was trying to do magic today. You see, I am working for the Post Office doing another volume count and I think this must be the 20th one I’ve done over the past five years. Every time they feel the need to train us all over again, and I was trying to “magic” time to make it go faster. I didn’t have any luck in the classic magic sense.

I think in my own way I do use magic, but it is every day magic. Every day magic is the kind of thing that you can do to make an unpleasant time move just a little quicker or if it is a wonderful time it is the kind of thing that makes time slow down. In the first case, I make jokes, think unsayable things, and I sometimes say them. In the second case, well, I have never really been successful at slowing time down. Usually, those fun times tend to race by and before you know it, the day is done and all you have is the memory.

There is a belief that the whole of your reality is created by you and for you. I was told this many years ago by a trance psychic and I called him on it. I asked how is it that I am creating a reality with all of these people who would be creating their own reality which would be populated by many others creating their own particular reality. The trance psychic said “Precisely! In order that you can understand now instead of after many years of meditation, we will demonstrate. Picture in your mind a turtle. Do you have a turtle in your mind?”


“What colour is the turtle?”

“Green and yellow with grey toenails.”

“Where is the turtle?”

“On a table.”

“What kind of table?”

“A wooden kitchen table.”

“What is the turtle doing?”

“Walking away from me to the other side of the table.”

Then the psychic told me “So… there is now a green and yellow turtle with grey toenails walking across a kitchen table that didn’t exist two minutes ago. You say that you don’t create reality…but you just did.”

That happened over thirty years ago and I am still working on the whole control issue. We all create our own reality, but I suspect that the practitioners of real magic can control what they create. Most of us live lives caught up in uncontrolled reality and every now and then magic happens. Like meeting someone you want to spend your life with, holding a newborn baby and then holding that babies baby. 

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