Sunday 20 January 2013


I slept later today than I have slept for a long, long while. I finally made it out of bed at around 9:50, but it was about a half hour later before I really felt awake.

I know that ten…ish would be an early wake up for a teenager and there are probably a lot of adults that will sleep in till ten on a regular basis. It is not the norm for me however. I suspect that it has something to do with thirty years of having to get up early for work, not to mention the fact that I kind of resent the hours spent wasted sleeping. Oh, there was a time when I would be up till three or four and sleep the rest of the morning away, but even then I resented the waste of time.

I like the early morning, it is quiet and dark. There is nothing quite like the sunrise and promise of new possibilities as the sky slowly brightens while birds sing and the rest of the world prepare for a new day. Things smell so fresh with a cleanliness that the dew has brought with it during the night. Then it just becomes another day.

Every now and then my body will have had enough and I will sleep for hours at a time. Yesterday, I napped for about three hours in the afternoon and about 11 hours during the night. I guess it was time to get an overhaul and to replenish my energy levels. There was a time when I could and would sleep the day through, but I had also burnt up all of my energy back ups. I suppose that if I were in tune with my body I would know when to sleep and when to watch that crappy movie until two AM.

I am still pretty tired and just as soon as I finish this I intend to get to sleep. Mind you, I don’t have to get up for anything pressing tomorrow so I might just check what kind of TV there is on a Sunday night. That right there is an example of my body trying to talk to me and me not listening. Well, I am listening! Unless there is a movie with Julia Stiles or one of the “Princess Diary” movies, I am a sucker for the crap movies.

I had a comment on the blog today from anonymous who said he liked the blog and if I could recommend blogs that had similar content. Thanks for liking the blog and to tell you the truth, I am not much of a blog reader. I have trouble finding blogs that I really like, and when I do I am intimidated by the quality I read. I don’t believe that one should spend his time comparing himself to others, especially others who (whom) are better writers. It is disheartening! Sometimes I will just surf from one blog to the next using this link.

Whatever you do, thanks for reading and it is better to be reading blogs on the internet than it is to be watching TV…marginally. 

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