Sunday 9 December 2012

There is Always Next Year

Well, it’s December the 9th and that means I have 22 days left in the year to make good on all of those resolutions from last New Years.

I have a feeling that the timing is going to be a little tight. I did this same kind of shit when I was in school and instead of working on my projects early or studying on a regular basis, I would wait till the absolute last minute. It is much easier to put off almost everything than to get at it right away. On the plus side, I don’t really remember what I said that I would work on, but I suspect that it involved some form of personal improvement. I just had a quick peak at the blog from last January 1st and it turns out that although I wanted to improve myself, I didn’t really have much faith that I would change or even improve even just a little.

I guess that I know me better than I think I know me. I guess that even though I may or you may want to change, the number of people that actually do change is very, very small. Could it be that we are exactly the people we are meant to be?

Part of my belief system involves deciding what I want to achieve in the upcoming lifetime. To do this I need to work out with other souls just how I can obtain my goals and how my attaining my goals for this life can help them attain the goals for their life. Once we are born into this life we have no conscious memory of what we need to work on which seems to be a major flaw in the system. Just tell me what to do, and I will try to do it. How am I supposed to guess the thing I need to work on that will send me to the next level? It’s like when a wife wants you to do something but she won’t tell you what that thing is. Louise doesn’t do this because she knows that I am thick as a brick.

Maybe the mighty “IS” knows that I am thick as a brick as well and figures that I have a better chance of stumbling upon the solution than I have of figuring it out for myself. I guess it is kind of like putting twenty monkeys in a room with twenty typewriters and expecting them to eventually write a novel. I don’t doubt that they will write a novel, but more than likely it will look like this.

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That might mean something to the mighty “IS”, but it is really just crap to us humans. Maybe what I am doing in this life is like those twenty monkeys and their typewriters, it makes sense to them (or me) but it’s really gibberish.
I may not have advanced my humanity this year, but I don’t think I have lost ground at all, and there is always next year.

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