Friday 7 December 2012

Good For Canadians

Have you ever wondered why people go into politics?

I would like to think they have an overpowering compulsion to make their little part of the world better. I actually do believe that is the reason most people go into politics, but somehow their idealistic dreams fall by the wayside in short order. Sure, I guess there are people that have ulterior motives to further their business interests or line their pockets through graft and corruption. I wonder if they actually feel that the changes they make are really improving the lot of their constituents. Do they have any trouble sleeping at night when they fly their mom and daughter first class to England on the taxpayer’s dime? Only when they are caught I suppose.

Probably by the time they have the balls for that kind of bullshit they are far beyond right and wrong. I guess it creeps up on you. I have a friend that I served on a soccer board with for couple of years. He is now an alderman of the city and I am sure that he works hard and tries to do his best. I met him at the grocery store a few years ago and noticed that he had a Grey Cup ring on his hand. I know that he was beyond playing professional football, so I asked him how he got the ring. It turns out that if you are an alderman that helps bring the big game to the city you earn a ring. Right? Wrong? I don’t know. I know this guy and he is an intelligent, honest and hard working. Oh, he also has a Grey Cup ring.

He has been involved in supporting some questionable businesses. He was behind allowing a pool hall across from the high school, and until local parents got involved (Louise spearheaded the protest) it was a rubber stamp thing. The business backed out of the pool hall. I am not against pool halls, but they should be far enough away from the school that the kids can’t play a game between classes. My buddy was friends with the owners of this company and saw nothing wrong at all. He didn’t see any problem with the pool hall and I guess that we all don’t even notice our own short comings.

Maybe that is all there is to it, but I like to think the people who choose to rule are able to consider all of the points of view and consider what is best for the majority. Not what they think is best, but what actually does the least amount of harm. I guess I am a dreamer.

Our federal government just allowed the Chinese to purchase 16 billion dollars worth of oil companies because apparently we can’t come up with enough capital to develop our fossil fuel deposits. When did the oil industry become a business needing government support to continue? Has the oil industry ever…ever lost money? Stevie Harper got up and said that this is a one time thing and they are only allowing this because Canada benefits. I have a feeling that somehow China is going to benefit as well. In fact, I might go so far as to say that China is going to benefit more than Canada.

You just know the pipeline through northern BC is going to be fast tracked now. Only because it will be good for Canadians.

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