Sunday 16 December 2012

Santa Will Come

A part of me just wants to forget about the blog tonight. I’m sure that anyone that reads this will wish the same. Some days are just days and don’t really have anything of note happening. Today was one of those days.

Oh, I am sure there were important and momentous things going on today, but not in my corner of the world. I did get to wake up and bring one of the cutest little boys in the world into bed this morning to snuggle with Grandma and Poppa. There really is nothing better in this life.

I wonder if moms and dads know how blessed they are to be able to do this whenever they want? Yes, it is a little squirmy and not at all restful, but it’s the closest thing to being in a barrel with monkeys as you can get. The window for early morning snuggling is so very short because little ones become big boys and girls far too soon.

We eventually got up and had breakfast. Yes, grandparents stock the sweet candy like cereal. I don’t eat it myself, but candied cereal and cartoons is the best way to start your day when you are two and a half. The morning was cut short because of swim lesson commitments, but that just gave us the rest of the day to rest. Playing is hard work!

I remember there was a study done in the seventies in which they recorded everything that a five year old did during the day. They had triathletes do exactly the same activities (scaled up to their size of course) and none of them lasted past noon. Two passed out from exhaustion!

Keeping that in mind, it’s a wonder that two grandparents can stay awake and relatively functional for a whole day. We should be given an award or a medal of some kind. Tornado was a treat to entertain and I can hardly wait to see his eyes this Christmas after Santa has made his appearance. Santa will come because he has been a very good boy this year.

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