Wednesday 19 December 2012

It’s What Aunties Do

I just checked Maegan’s flight status and it seems that she is somewhere over Lake Huron. I’m pretty impressed with this technology. I’m pretty impressed that a person can travel over 2000 miles in just under four hours, sitting on their ass and getting served drinks and snacks. Hell, I am amazed that I could mail a card from Calgary on Friday and have it delivered in Toronto on Monday. We do live in an amazing world.

Maybe the most amazing thing is that we just take all of this stuff for granted. I can remember back about fifty years and the changes that have happened in that time are pretty incredible. Can you imagine the changes that will occur in the next fifty years? No, I can’t either, but they are sure to be wondrous and stupefying. I hope that the human race can change fast enough to make the best use of the technology that is coming our way. Most of the stories don’t paint our development in a positive way.

I would imagine that the people in power will somehow use the new technology to keep the populace happy and paying taxes. Personally, I think that the only thing holding back electric cars is that they aren’t sure how to charge us, and the government isn’t sure just how they are going to get their cut. I read a short while ago that there are fast charging options but they are obviously still in development. I can’t wait.

The problem of course is that although our cars will be going green, until the methods for producing electricity become green there will more than likely be a net loss. We are moving in the right direction. I am hoping for cold fusion. I can’t figure out why the people in the future don’t come back and just give us the plans. Someone is bound to work out that pesky time travel thing sooner or later anyways. I think someone from the future is watching me already and why not just slip me plans for the old cold fusion. How will future historians know whether I developed it or not? I sure as hell don’t plan on telling anyone. If they don’t want to tell me, then just come back and put it on facebook and let it go viral. That should solve things.

Maybe that is just what will happen on the 21st. It would certainly be a monumental change in the way we live our lives. Well, it’s not likely to change my day to day life much. Somehow the coffee will be heated and taxes will rise just a little each year. Politicians will lie, get caught and shrug their shoulders and tell us “OOPS”.

Christmas is officially here now that Maegan is coming to town. We will be shopping and early pick up of the nephews tomorrow, shopping for raw materials on Friday, and Gingerbread house construction with the boys on Saturday. We plan on getting them OD’in on sugar, super excited and then passing them back to mom and dad. It’s what aunties do!

Maegan is over Superior now…

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