Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Little Voice

This is just going to be short today because I got caught up in life which left me very little time for living.

I finally have started the Christmas window! It has taken a while for the muse to strike, but hopefully I should be done early tomorrow. I had to stop painting when it got too dark for me to see the lines. Baby steps I suppose.
I tried to watch the 12.12.12 concert on the TV tonight, but every time I turned it on there was someone singing that I had never seen or heard of before. There was a lot of rap or hip hop or jib jab, which I just can’t get for some reason. It is just another one of my short comings I suppose. The artists that I did recognize didn’t sound like the artist that I knew. I’m not sure if it were the sound or my ears that was to blame. There are many people in dire need that have lost everything and hopefully this concert can raise sufficient funds to help them get through the difficult times ahead.

That being said, I can’t help but listen to that tiny voice in my head that is just saying “huh?” The tiny voice keeps asking if this is not a tragedy that happened in the richest most technologically advanced nation in the world. Did the tragedy not happen in the richest part of that country? The little voice can’t help but wonder why some of the trillions of “defence” money being spent in foreign countries can’t be siphoned off to help the people of the US. The little voice kind of wonders why the banks and financial institutions that received bailout money not so very long ago, couldn’t turn around and help. The little voice can be something of an asshole sometimes.

I know that the people affected by Sandy aren’t going to get very much help from the government, insurance companies and they sure as hell aren’t getting anything from the banks. That is why there is a concert, and that is why there is more than likely fund raising going on all across the country. I hope things get back to normal soon for the sakes of all of those regular people that need help.

The little voice just reminded me that it thinks people at their worst in the USA still have it better than most people in the rest of the world have it on their best days.

Like I said, the little voice can be an asshole sometimes. 

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