Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Ever and Ever

I had almost forgotten about the blog today. I guess that what with the bitter cold outside (-25° C) and the warm feelings inside the house I have been lulled into a kind of holiday stupor. Some would argue that I am in a stupor most of the time, but that just isn’t so.

For as long as I can remember, we have had people around the house on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and on Boxing Day. This is the first year that we will be going out for Christmas dinner. Normally we don’t even eat Christmas dinner, preferring to snack on all of the holiday goodies that are strewn around the house. Many years ago Louise decided that it just wasn’t worth the effort for her to cook a large dinner when everyone is filled with chocolate, candy, chips and other types of garbage food. We would have our big dinner on Boxing Day which would allow the kids to have Christmas dinner with their spouse’s family.

Yep, Arwen is having the big dinner at her place this year. We are all contributing to the feast so it shouldn’t be such a burden on Arwen. It will be nice for Hurricane and Tornado to stay at home and play with their toys that Santa brought, rather than travel from house to house. It makes sense in all kinds of ways, but I have to tell you that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Well, it feels like a Christmas, just not the Christmas I have known for so many years. I kind of like the insanity but I guess like everything in life, time will march on without any regard to my feelings or thoughts. It will be a fun time tomorrow, even if it will be frickin’ cold (-25 C with a -38 C wind chill). I am looking forward to having Hurricane and Tornado show me all of their toys and watching my kids as the adults that they have become.

I suppose that at some time in our life we move from participant to observer. Participant can be more fun, but observer is much more relaxed. I like relaxed.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the blog and I hope that you make it through the season healthy, happy and mentally ready for the year to come. 

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  1. Well here we go again repeating myself, I know it comes with old age but Ken you have done a great job expressing yourself this year. I don't always agree with your comments and you have lost me a few times with your blogs (old age I'm sure) but you posted it online! Most of us don't have the balls to post what we feel,for fear of negative response but you charged on like a postie in a snow storm! And for that I say thanks and a job well done. For the readers of your blog I would love to see more response, in favor or not that's what keeps these online blogs going. Merry Xmas to you Ken your family and all your faithful followers. Brian