Thursday 13 December 2012

It’s a Wonderful Life

We have run into a TV watching problem once again. There are two shows that are recording at the same time and when that happens, you can either watch one of the shows that are recording, watch a show that had been previously recorded, go down and watch the other TV, watch television on one of the computers or the iPad, listen to the radio, read a book or talk to each other. It’s a no win situation!

Of course I choose to write the blog and wait until one of the shows finishes recording so that Louise and I can watch the show together. Everything is much more fun when you share it. Well, not chocolate or ice cream of course and it is just weird if you share underwear. Mind you, I have always wondered what those satin panties feel like.

It kind of makes you wonder how you got along before the PVR, VHS and Beta. Well, it was pretty easy really. If there was a show that you just couldn’t see one week, you could wait until the season ended and then hope that you could catch the particular episode sometime in the summer when it would be repeated. The problem was that the schedule was kind of hit or miss because the networks also used the summer to test market pilots for the new fall line up of shows. Sometimes, not often you understand, there was actually something to do on the night that the show you had been waiting to see for months was on. Your girlfriend just wouldn’t understand that you had to stay home and watch TV.

You wouldn’t stay home of course. You would miss your episode and probably never, ever, ever see it again. Life was filled with disappointment back in the day. We had no way of knowing that in thirty or forty years you could walk into Walmart, Bestbuy or Future Shop and buy DVD’s of the old shows that you knew and loved. It is fantastic that all of those old shows are available now.

You don’t even have to watch all of the show; you can search on Youtube for a particularly funny part of the episode. Why, if you happen to be tech savvy, you can go to a shadowy web site like Piratebay and download whatever you want. That is just too much work for me, I use the library. You just go on line, put a hold on the particular show you want to watch and within a week or two they will give you a call to let you know that the hold is ready for pick up.

This is the time of the year when we should appreciate all of the good things that we have, and like George Bailey would say, It’s a Wonderful Life!  

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