Saturday 8 December 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

It has been a while since I have written a letter to you. This is partly because I have grown up and have been busy raising three lovely children. You remember them, Arwen, Maegan and Brendan. Most years they were on the “Nice” list, but there were a few years I am sure that they made the “Not as Nice as They Should Be” list. Who hasn’t been on that list though? Come to think of it, that might just have been the reason I stopped writing letters to you. There were a few years when I was walking a fine line between honest and dishonest. You will be happy to know that I have stayed more or less on the honest side of the line.

While we are talking about the murky line between honest/dishonest, legal/illegal, good/bad and right and wrong, I am going to assume that you are fine with my “backing up” music and movies from the library. The stuff from I am pretty sure is dodgy and probably past the border of legality, but from what I understand the way the site is set up, it’s almost impossible to get a conviction.

While we are talking about convictions and not being convicted…ever, what would the Santa statute of limitations be on an assortment of minor offences? Would there be a web site that I could check? Probably it’s just a moral barometer thing. If I feel it is wrong, then it probably is. Mom used to tell me that, and it leaves quite a bit of leeway, depending on how angry the person might get. Those times that I spent across the hood of a police cruiser in high school couldn’t count because most of the time they were just checking to see if I were some other guy.

What is a lie anyways? When you say things that lead someone else to make the wrong assumption, it really can’t be considered a lie. Can it? No, I am sure it can’t.

You know, perhaps I should just wish you a safe flight and leave it at that. You have your hands full with all of the kiddies that deserve Christmas joy. My grandkids Hurricane and Tornado are the most wonderful kids in the world. Just check your list! I’m good for the most part, although I wouldn’t object to a smallish lottery win. I might not be generous, but Louise would give a lot to people in need and that is sort of like I gave too. No, just help the kids and those families that are having a tough time of it. I’ve got my health and I am more or less happy. I do get to keep my health don’t I?

It has been nice getting back in touch with you, and if you want to “friend” me on facebook that would be cool. Just don’t let the google map thing trace your location. You don’t want the paparazzi to harass you where you live.

See you, or I guess I won’t see you in sixteen days. I’ll leave some cookies and Baileys out for you.
Take care, your friend…Kenny H.

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