Saturday 15 December 2012

A Loss For Words

When Hurricane was born and after we got to know one another, I didn’t think that I could ever love another as much as I did him. That is why when Tornado came along I was more than a little concerned with whether I would be able to love him just as much as I did his brother. I guess I didn’t have to worry about that. It seems that love has a capacity to expand and get just as large as it is needed to be. I suppose that if another natural disaster enters my life the amount of love will grow to accommodate him or her. That seems the way of love.

I don’t think that love can ever shrink though. It would be nice if did because too much heart ache is caused by loved ones that disappear. I moved out to the west when I was younger and my heart was almost torn apart when I had to leave the friends and family that owned a portion of my love. Over the years, people that I love have passed into the great beyond and left a huge hole in my life that seemed to be filled with love and nothing else. Love without a focus is just painful. Yes you have the memories and the feeling does seem to fade, but I believe that the love doesn’t shrink, you simply get used to pushing it into the back ground.

I don’t know how all of those people in Connecticut will be able to handle love unfettered. My losses, except for one, have for the most part been a process of life and natural endings. That one is rarely out of my mind and not a day goes past when I don’t think of Ken and wonder what kind of man he would have become. The children that were taken from their parents in such a horrible manner have left more love than can be dealt with I think. Those poor parents will have to keep going for the siblings that are still with them and with any luck their love will find a focus.

I don’t know how anyone can deal with this kind of tragedy and I pray that nothing of the kind ever happens to me or mine. A small consolation is that the thoughts and prayers of millions are focused on Connecticut and hopefully it helps a little. Christmas shouldn’t be a time for endings; it should be a time for beginnings.

I had planned on writing more, but I am at a loss for words and feelings tonight. May God love and protect those that are now in His care.

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