Sunday 17 June 2012

Who’s Your Daddy

While the last 75 minutes of Father’s Day winds down, I can’t help but think of how the day went for me.

When I woke, I had plans to do some work around the house and some tidying for Maegan’s arrival tomorrow. I am not sure when it is exactly that your children take on the role of welcomed guest as opposed to absent resident. Perhaps there isn’t a set time, but more of an emotional and intellectual attitude that creeps into the parent/child relationship. The plan was to clean the house as we would if anyone was coming to stay. I got a call from two year old Tornado, who wished me a Happy Fathers Day, I think. Too cute!

Brendan called and said that he was coming over. I was in the middle of my physio exercises when he drove up so I decided to come back to them later. Brendan came bearing gifts. He was getting rid of his old door locks, and since they were better than the ones I am currently using, it seemed a no brainer for him to give them to me as opposed to Habitat. The poor will just have to do what they do best, wait. It is like Robin Hood said about the poor in the movie “Time Bandits”, “I'm sure you'll like them. Of course they haven't got two pennies to rub together but that's because they're poor.

We had a nice chat (Louise, Brendan and I), and then Brendan and I (mostly Brendan) installed the handles and locks. Eventually, it was time for him to leave and we hugged and said our goodbyes. It was one of those really nice visits that I can look back on and think, “that was a really nice visit.”

I went down to finish my exercises, well, really to start a new set because I was due, and after that I did some cleaning and had some lunch. Shortly afterwards, Arwen, Chris and the boys came over. They wished me a Happy Fathers Day, presented some gifts and Arwen told me that she was going to cook supper for me. What a great afternoon! We played with water, tickled and got tickled, managed to get an scraped elbow, tried to drowned the garden plants, hammered nails, ate candy, cried a little and generally had a great time. Arwen cooked a terrific dinner and it was enjoyed by all. Well, Hurricane and Tornado didn’t eat too much of it, but that is their way. They left after dinner and I flopped on the couch thinking just how tired I was.

The day didn’t go as I had planned it, I didn’t get hardly any cleaning done and there were other things that I had hoped to get done which went undone, but I wouldn’t trade today for a winning lotto ticket. This is the kind of day that you will remember, not the day that you cleaned the house for Maegan. The people I love went out of their way to make me happy and they succeeded. Tomorrow Maegan flies into town and that should just make this a perfect couple of days. I can hardly wait.

I have only one thing left to say….


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