Wednesday 6 June 2012

Buster Knows I Don’t Like To Be Probed.

Well, it has been a long and sometimes frustrating learning experience to get this computer working again. I would like to thank myself for sticking to it when common sense and anyone with an opinion thought that it would be best and certainly easier to pitch this pile of shit and buy something newer and shinier. I haven’t gotten all of the bugs worked out yet and I may indeed toss this on the refuse heap that my life has become, before all is said and done. For now however, I will keep trying to figure out how to make this new (?) computer work better than the last.

I don’t name my possessions as a rule, but this is going to be called “Phoenix”. Not only because it has risen from the ashes, but because an “ash-hole” put it together. I tend to let things and projects slide when they get too difficult, but I am glad that I stuck to this one. I did learn quite a bit and as we all know, any amount of learning is good.

I don’t have too much to say today. It has been a very nice day. I spent the morning working at the Post Office where I am working for two weeks or so as a volume counter. I have the desire to explain just what a volume counter is and the purpose, but I am more than a little certain that no one really cares. Oh sure you might read the description, but I am not a good enough writer to make it interesting to myself or anyone else. The most important thing to say about it is that I am getting paid for it and even if they fire me, I really don’t care.

The people are for the most part fun to work with. The carriers are the same personalities that I spent 30 years with, only the people have changed. The counters on the other hand are quite an interesting mix. Some are pretty much unemployable which is why they were available for this count. Some are retirees, which is why they were available for this count. Some are hoping that somehow this part time, term employment will turn into a full time career. Those are the dreamers. There are a few who have jobs but for whatever reason they are available mornings and need the money. One fellow owns a fairly popular restaurant in town, “Vicious Circle”. Well, it was more popular once upon a time but things have been slow lately and I guess bills still have to be paid. He and his wife are in the process of selling the business, but it is a process. I asked him why and he said that after 15 years they had enough of the business. I don’t blame him, as I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my life. Well, I could, but I have to sleep tonight.

I have about seven days left of working and on the first day that I don’t have to go in, I promise to appreciate the quiet time and I will make the time count. Uh-huh.

Buster was just barking up a storm and I went to the front window to see what the matter was. I couldn’t see anything and I told him so. He kept barking and I told him to come and show me what the hubbub was about. He jumped up on me and barked. I took that to mean that he wanted me to follow him outside. Whenever Lassie did that, you could be pretty sure that little Timmy had fallen down the old well/mineshaft/cliff. Once outside, Buster just ran around in circles and looked at me like I should do something. I told him that if he doesn’t shut up he’s going to find himself down the old well/mineshaft/cliff.

He is quiet now, but it is a tense quiet. For all I know, he is keeping an eye out for that two headed green alien that nearly broke in the house and probed me. Buster knows I don’t like to be probed.

“Good dog”

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