Saturday 9 June 2012

Me and Phoenix

You know, sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get up in the morning. Well, I guess that I get paid whether I get up or not, but you can’t stay in bed for the whole day.

I have been having problems with this computer for the better part of a year now, and I finally have it on the ropes. I think… It had gotten to the point where I would avoid coming near it because then I would be tempted to turn it on and if I turned it on I would try to do something, and if I tried to do something then the computer would do something back and after a half hour of messing around with disappointment, I would walk away a broken man.

That is all behind me now, as my new and improved “friend” is coming along just fine. Oh, it isn’t perfect, but who or what is? It is kind of like getting a new pair of jeans. They look good and you know that in every measurable way they are much better than the old jeans, it’s just that somehow they don’t feel …right. It will take a few wears and a couple of washings and before you know it these jeans will be the benchmark to measure all other jeans by. The problem that I am having now is with software.

It seems that somehow, some of the programs that worked just fine on the old computer will not work on this new version of the old one. Perhaps it is because I am tired and just want to be able to wish things right. I suppose that when I am rested and awake tomorrow, I will figure out what the problem is. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have named the new computer “PHOENIX” after the mythical bird that at the end of its life would make a nest of twigs and bird and nest would burst into flames and be reduced to ashes. Out of the ashes a fledgling would be born.

Just like my computer! In fact, more times than I could count, I nearly set it on fire. That would have been quite satisfying. I haven’t ruled out the possibility yet either.

Hurricane and Tornado dropped in for a visit this afternoon. They came and smiled, ate, laughed and Tornado started to unscrew the picnic table. I am going to keep that kid away from the TV and computer. For now anyways. I would imagine that he will be able to fix this thing and have it turn out better than new. He should have fun working on “old” technology. The rest of today we had Vancouver weather, cloudy and threatening to rain. I guess they had 5 to 10 CM of snow in Canmore this morning. Lucky them!

I left this for too long tonight and can barely keep the eyes open, so this is what it is.

On behalf of Phoenix and myself,…we bid you a fine goodnight.

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