Wednesday 13 June 2012

No Morals of Rules

I cut the lawn about four days ago and today it looked as if I were about two weeks over due for a cutting. I had a few things to do, so by the time I got around to getting the mower out it was starting to rain. Normally, I would have just turned around and gone back inside to watch some TV, but this is June in Calgary and it could be a while before I get out again.

I figured, `What the Hell, what do I have to lose?" Now I know that you shouldn’t cut the lawn in the rain, or at least that has been the way I have run my life up until now. Maybe I am becoming a rebel. I started cutting, and it was something of a race to finish before it really started to pour. Just so you don’t stay in suspense for too long, I did get the lawn cut but it was seriously raining as I was putting the mower away. Not to worry though, because although I am really sweet, I don’t melt when I get wet.

It did get me to wondering just what other things I believe I shouldn’t do that there is no good reason not to do. I have always wondered if going outside when your hair is wet will actually lead to a cold or the flu. This opens up the whole matter of whether or not my mom lied to me when I was a kid. I suppose that she would justify it as a little white lie. I know that she would lie to me when I asked if there were liver in supper. She must have believed that liver was good for you. How can an organ that filters out all of the toxins in a body, possible be good for you? I would imagine that particular line of thought goes back to the hunter-gatherer stage in our evolution, when it was believed that eating part of the animal you killed would give you its power. Personally, I would rather have all of the power of a carrot than eat any liver. That is just me though.

I will try the hair wet thing this winter, but if at all possible I am going to try and convince someone else to do it. Why should I take the chance?

I remember being told not to eat too much candy because I would get pimples and ruin my teeth. Yes and yes. I can say with certainty that particular saying is true. I have read since that candy and chocolate have no impact on the development of pimples at all. Whoever did that study was smoking crack or eating liver. It is much more than certain that candy will ruin your teeth; I and my dental insurance company can vouch for that.

I used to sit far too close to the TV screen as a kid and my eyes are shit. I believe that my poor eyesight is more genetic than anything else. I don’t think getting up close and personal with Roy Rogers and Bugs Bunny had any thing to do with bad eyes. You never know though.

I am going to have to get back to you on this when I have given it a little more thought. I barely have an opinion at all! There just might be something to it and if I can circumvent the rules by just changing the way I look at situations, it might just help.

No morals or rules…I like that!

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