Tuesday 12 June 2012

Rodger McGill…R.I.P.

Life it seems to me is all about comings and goings. We come into the world in pain and a lot of us leave the world in pain. In between we take part in a wonderful experience that we call life. Our lives intertwine with our family, friends and co-workers, weaving a rich tapestry that not only has the effect of making us better people, but it makes the world a better, more enjoyable place to be.

I found out today that a co-worker and friend of mine passed away yesterday. Rodger was my supervisor for many years and he was part of the reason that I loved going to work. He had a great sense of humour and he knew what was important in life. We all found time to talk and laugh with Rodger and even though he was “the boss” he just tried to make everything go smoothly. I sent an email to my buddy Brian that lives in BC on Vancouver Island, to inform him of Rodger’s passing. I will include my email and his reply as well.

I know what you are thinking, why would anyone want to leave sunny Alberta for Vancouver Island? I have no explanation for it except to say that Brian had quite a few falls on the job and it is very likely that he somehow lost his sense. I have been looking for it since he left, but so far, no luck. In spite of his obvious mental handicap, he writes a nice email.

Hey there Brian and Linda.
I just thought that you would like to know that Rodger McGill passed away yesterday at age 64. I guess that he had been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks. From what I understand, it was a degenerative lung disease, not caused by smoking. I am pretty sure that smoking didn't help it though.

I just checked, and didn't see anything in the Obits. If I find out anything more, I will let you know.

Rodger was one of the good guys, and he will be missed. I can still remember seeing him and Ian on their knees in the office yelling, “You can't see us lady, but we are both on our knees begging your forgiveness." I laugh every time I think of that.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the info; Gordy emailed the sad news yesterday. Your right he was one of the good guys and he also made me laugh .My favourite stories about Rodger one was on his last day "The Bitch from Foreham Cr " and she identified herself as that, called on his last day to what else "BITCH!" Well Rodger calmly listens to her and then says, and this is not exaggerated "You know today I'm going retire and I've had lots of friends call and wish me good luck and I was feeling good and glad to be leaving. But then you phoned today and you fucked up my whole day, you fucking.....  CUNT!" He slammed the phone down. Well within 10 mins, the phone was alive from Trevor Maxwell's office, Rodger said he always hated that Cunt and refused to apologize. 
The other great one had me involved, I had made a miss sort I know I know hard to believe, but anyway the lady was being rather nice about it and said she would leave the letter in the mailbox to pick up tomorrow. Well Rodger was three sheets to the wind, I know I know, hard to believe, well Rodger told me to scream when he hit the desk with the office golf club.  Every office has an old golf club behind the door I'm sure, anyway Rodger says to me in the office “did you missort a letter to this address?” and I say “I guess I might have...” SLAM goes the golf club on the desk and again and again. Well I'm screaming for forgiveness and Rodger says “Don't let this happen again!”, and the lady is on the phone yelling don't hit him don't hit him for gods sake. He says to her the postie won't make that mistake again and hangs up. He says to me she won't call again.  Gonna miss the guy even though I hadn't seen him in two years. 

I'm sure his lifestyle was responsible for his death at least somewhat. Regardless he was what made working at the P.O. so much fun for so many years.  You know a little mention of Rodger might be in order in the blog as a tribute to a great guy.

Well thanks for the great email and for basically writing the Blog tonight. I’ll pay you double what I get.


  1. Thanks Ken and Thank You Roger, friends that have always made me laugh. B

  2. Thanks Ken and Thank You Roger, friends that have always made me laugh. B