Monday 5 March 2012


I am not sure whether it is just that I have a weak mind or that I am suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s. I will often go to the library and take out a book only to realize about a hundred pages in that I read the book before. Sometimes, if it is a particularly interesting book I will just keep reading. I will have forgotten a lot of the important parts and what I do remember I can just chalk it up to the author and I being equally brilliant.

There are books that I read on a semi-regular basis because I like them and there is always something new that I can get from the book. I would like to say that the Bible and the Koran are two such books, but alas, every time I try to read either one of them I find some interesting tidbit and spend time mulling it over. I don’t mean to offend any deeply religious persons by saying that either the Bible or Koran is filled with interesting tidbits, but, well, they are.

Louise will often find me watching movies or TV shows that I have watched again and again and again. “The Replacements” come to mind, as does “Armageddon”. The DVD was made for guys like me. I will watch a movie and if I enjoy it I will either make a “backup” copy or purchase it. I have friends that will watch a movie once and never again! They think their time is too valuable to waste doing the same things over and over. Well, I say that if their time were truly valuable they wouldn’t waste a minute of it on me. You don’t see Donald Trump or President Obama hanging out at the coffee shop, do you? You might find Stevie Harper sucking back a double, double and a long john, but that just reinforces my point that his time isn’t that valuable. Now that he has negotiated two Pandas for Canada, he can pretty much coast for the rest of his political career.

I am not very good with dates either. I don’t mean the mid-eastern fruit, but more the wedding anniversary or birthday variety. I am getting better thanks to Google and Google calendar that will send me reminders about upcoming important dates. There are dates that I should remember like the days that my mom and dad passed away. I probably just don’t really want to remember those dates. I am not really very good at remembering where I was when such and such happened. Thankfully the doctors and dentist offices will call a day or two in advance with a reminder. It is the same with the blood donor clinics.

I have kind of forgotten where I was headed with this blog. Wow, that is weird! It is about forgetting. Well, I guess I am right on track.

You know, I don’t forget everything. I remember the people that I love. I remember how happy my friends make me. I remember that I have a particular tool; I just don’t know where it is at this moment in time. I remember all of the “jobs” that I have to do around the house, but I conveniently manage to forget them when I have spare time. Heh, heh, heh…

You know, just remember to forget when it is beneficial and forget to remember if that suits the occasion.

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