Friday 2 March 2012

I Shouldn’t Have Bothered

You know, some nights I just don’t feel up to writing the blog. I keep meaning to write a few extra on those days when I am feeling overly witty and creative, so that I will have one “in the can” for nights just like this one.

I am pretty sure that whoever reads a blog from nights like tonight can sense that they have somehow wasted their very precious time. For this I am sorry! Not sorry enough to not write and save you the trouble of reading this crap, but more like sorry…ish.

I noticed in the headlines of the Calgary Herald  today, that the top executives of the 12 biggest oil sands producers forged an alliance to “help advance research and technology to improve environmental practices”. That means that they are making the commitment to make the oil sands greener. These are the same greedy bastards that caused this looming ecological disaster in the making in the first place. Did you know that the tailings “pond” is large enough to be seen from space? To my way of thinking they should have been doing their best all along.

The only reason they have come out now is that there is so much bad press about Alberta’s dirty oil. The spin doctors have figured that they make this announcement and in a month or two when the price of gas goes through the roof, no one will care how dirty northern Alberta gets. I mean really, it is only the animals and a handful of indigenous peoples. They would all be better off elsewhere anyways. Right?

I am betting that they will use the cost of the “new” methods as a reason to raise the price of a barrel of oil and consequently the price at the gas pump. I kind of feel sorry for the oil executives. They were spending a lot of time, money and effort keeping the renewable resource industry in check, making sure that no viable electric car gets produced and putting out negative information about wind energy. Now, because some few hundred ducks (and a whole eco system) die they are saddled with the bad PR of the oil sands. Oh, and that left leaning, bleeding heart Obama (Osama) put the kibosh on that beautiful 17 billion dollar pipeline which would have delivered the oil directly to our biggest buyers.

Now, we have to make a deal with the Chinese. It’s a pretty good deal too, they get an unlimited supply of Canadian oil in perpetuity and we get two Pandas for ten years. Pretty shrewd negotiating Mr. Harper! There is a place for you after politics as a talent scout for either the Toronto Maple Leafs or The Calgary Flames.

Ahhhh…FUCK IT!!!!

I get so pissed off when I think about these bastards. The only good thing to come of it is that a lot of these guys live in Calgary and they generally don’t piss in their own back yard.

Yep, I shouldn’t have bothered tonight.


  1. Wow who pissed in your corn flakes this morning. If it makes you feel any better we are all going to take it up the ass! B

  2. Yeah Brian, but that's how you like it. Well, I don't know about "like it", but it seems that is the norm. Now I am pissed off again! Thanks!