Thursday 15 March 2012

How And Where To Put It

Tomorrow marks the end of my two week stint of working at the post office, and it promises to be a busy one. The work hasn’t been challenging at all, but any job that is well done can give you a feeling of accomplishment. I think that my employers are very happy with the job that Ken, Al and I did, as we were efficient and entertaining.  Yah…yah…yah!

There is something to be said about having a set time to do work and a set job to do. I think I miss having that at home. I have lots of things that I should be doing and that I want to be doing, but my time management leaves a lot to be desired. I am definitely going to work on it in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Today we had pretty much worked ourselves out of work. We are needed tomorrow to fine tune the placement of the sortation cases when they come in and we will facilitate any problems that might come up. Within reason of course. Some decisions are way above my pay grade and quite frankly, I just don’t give a damn.  Instead of going to work right away, we went to partake in the “going away” feed that the Post Office was throwing for the depots that will be moving into the new digs that we have been busy preparing for them the last couple of weeks. It was nice to talk to some of the old friends and to let them know that if they come when I am still there I will gladly show them around. Every year there are fewer and fewer of the old gang. I made the acquaintance of a young couple that are just starting out their time at the post office. Very nice people and I hope that they continue to enjoy the job for as many years as I did. We left at lunch time and will start an hour and a half later tomorrow.

I have to say though; it will be nice to have my time to myself and to get back into the routine that I have become comfortable with. Like I say, there are things that I wish to do and as you well know, work gets in the way of your enjoyment sometimes.

I think that Buster will be happier than I am to have me at home. His routine has been altered by my not being there. Why, he has to sleep for even more time than normal and where is the enjoyment of barking at everything that moves in front of the house if there is no one to hear the barking? If a dog barks in the house and there is no one there to hear it, does he even make a sound? We may never know.

Well, one more lunch to get ready and I must make sure that I have my water bottle and thermos. It should be busy but fun tomorrow, as long as there aren’t too many “chiefs” telling the “braves” just how and exactly where we should put things. If that starts to happen, I will tell them how and where to put it, in no uncertain terms. What are they going to do…fire me?

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