Monday 19 March 2012

No Problem

Last night we had a family celebration. Louise had her birthday last week, but due to everyone being busy with their lives on the actual day, we had the birthday dinner last night. It is really nice to be able to have everyone in one place. Well, everyone but for Maegan and she is always in our hearts and on our minds. We get to see her in June for a week which will be nothing short of wonderful. I could kid myself that she is coming to see us, but it’s those super cute nephews that she is really interested in.

I made pulled pork for the main course and a Black Forest cake with a stabilized whip cream icing for the desert. I attempted to decorate the cake, but my piping and florets left a lot to be desired. I did manage to pipe a birthday wish that was almost legible. You really need the cake, because blowing out candles stuck in the pork just isn’t festive at all. Brendan brought over his deep fryer and made a tub or two of poutine. I will admit that it wasn’t what you would call a heart healthy meal, but it sure was good.

The weekend was crazy and dinner was crazy as well. Once our goodbyes were said, Louise and I decided to just relax. I figured that I would get to the dishes a little later. One thing led to another, and that thing led me to my bed, which left the dishes like the lepers in the time of Jesus, waiting to be cleansed. Tomorrow is another day, and if I don’t happen to wake, then extra bonus…someone else will have to wash the dishes.

The good news is that I did wake this morning, and of course the bad news is that unfortunately the dish fairies failed to show up. Again! Well, right after breakfast I’ll get those dishes done. I’d say that about an hour later the phone rang and it was a friend that needed some advice on how to do some computer thingy-ma-bob stuff, so I told him I would be right over. The phone rang again, and I thought that he had forgotten something and it was another friend that wondered if I would be interested in a coffee at around 10…ish. Well, would a bear be interested in napping for the winter? I could fit it in if things go well with the computer thing. The dishes? They can wait till after I have my coffee. Perhaps I’ll ask them if they would mind waiting. “Oh dishes…would you mind waiting to be washed for a couple of hours?” They didn’t say anything, so I assumed I had their permission.

When I got back, I started filling the sink with water and went to grab the soap. Where is the soap? Not on the counter. It isn’t under the sink where it generally lives. I must have missed it. Nope! Hmmmmm… It wasn’t at any of the other sinks in the house, not outside, it wasn’t put on the coffee table in the living room. I didn’t take it down to my workroom to use as a lubricant. Don’t ask. Now, let’s see, Brendan had it last night when he cleaned the deep fryer. I wonder if he put it somewhere unique. I had best search for it before I call him. I searched the house again and even went out to the garage. Nope.

This is stupid; I have been looking for 40 minutes, so I called Brendan. Voicemail! I really hate voicemail! It is just call screening with an additional “Piss Off” tossed in for good measure. Could Brendan have used the whole bottle? It was almost full. Well, he was cleaning a deep fryer and it takes a lot of soap to cut that much grease. Oh well, I guess I had best go and buy some more.

I was on my way out the door when the phone rang and it was Arwen. She and Chris were cleaning up at the old house and she came over and borrowed the dish soap and the broom. She hoped that I didn’t mind, and of course after thinking about the hour or so of looking and thinking I was going crazy, not to mention blaming Brendan for misplacing it, I told her “No problem.”

Just after I hung up, Brendan called me and told me that he had wracked his brain trying to think where he put the soap and he made a few suggestions as to where I might look. I told him that Arwen had borrowed it and all was right with the world. I told him that I was sorry to have bothered him and after a short pause he said “No problem Dad.”

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