Sunday 18 March 2012

I Am Going To Keep It

Last night I had another of my infrequent dreams. I am not sure why I don't dream as often as I imagine others do, but since I try not to enter into other folks heads, I am really just guessing.
I dreamt that I was in Las Vegas with a bunch of people. I would assume that they were friends and family, but the way my memory is at this point in the day, they may have just been an assortment of strangers. Why I would hang out with total strangers in Vegas is beyond me. I don't like strangers at the best of times. Actually, being in Vegas can be the best of times. Well, according to the Las Vegas chamber of commerce it is. So, having said that, then I would more than likely be with a bunch of strangers.   

In my dream I wandered away from the group and was watching the ground looking for interesting items that others have either thrown out or lost., I see money! There are loonies, twonies, nickels, dimes and quarters, along with chips from several different casinos. I started to scoop the coins up, and had a mixture in my hands of coins, dead leaves and dirt. It did strike me as odd that there was mostly Canadian coins, but money is money. I kept digging and there were bills of all denominations just under the surface.

This guy walked up and grabbed a handful of coins and dirt, said "Thanks!" and kept going. Weird!

I felt the corner of a bag and gave it a tug, which pulled it free from the ground. I peeked inside and there were plastic bags filled with what looked like costume jewelry. I pulled a couple of the plastic bags out and I could tell from the weight that this wasn't costume jewelry. How the hell would I be able to tell if it were real or not? Oh yeah, its a dream.

By this time, my buddies came over and were pretty happy because this would pay for our trip to Vegas. Up until this point, I was pretty happy, but I started to get a little less happy when I started to think that someone more than likely owned this stuff. I am not sure, but I don't think "Finders Keepers" is one of the Las Vegas catch phrases. You know, by the assortment of valuable items it was starting to look like I had unearthed some stolen items. How am I going to get this stuff home? Should I take this stuff home? What if I get caught trying to take this stuff home? Don't I deserve some luck while I am in Vegas? These thoughts and others began to swirl around in my head.

You know, I think I am going to have to turn this in to the cops. What if they just keep it? Then I would feel like a complete donkey whacker. Well, I think Ill keep the money, no one can trace it and there isn't that much anyways. There is a really nice watch, but I don't like wearing watches as a rule. Jeez, I dont know what to do.

Lucky for me, I was spared making the decision because just about here is where I woke up. Unfortunately, I feel like I somehow lost a fortune in jewelry and Ive been kicking myself in the ass all day. The next time that I dream I have found a fortune in stolen jewelry in Las Vegas, I am going to keep it. Probably...

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  1. What happens in your Vegas dream stays in your Vegas dream, I figuring. B