Saturday 17 March 2012

Moving Day

Today at work, something very odd happened. I actually had to work! I am just as surprise as surprised can be. I kind of suspected that we were going to have a busy day and I suppose that having it be the last day of my employment is kind of fitting.

The problem was that the letter carriers had to finish their sort and prep and leave the depot in order for the movers to come in and bring all of the equipment to its new home.  Moving is one of those occurrences in life that of necessity happens in two places at the same time. Both sites are equally involved in the move, and equally committed to the move. The one place is in frantic activity while the other place waits in quiet anticipation. I was involved in the quiet anticipation, while the commercial movers were involved in the frantic activity.

It is kind of interesting that of the many things that the movers brought over was the frantic activity. I won't go into the mechanics of the move, because everyone has been involved in a move at one time or another. The only really interesting is the amount of "help" that we had. The "help" that I am referring to would be all of the "suits" that felt a need to come and see what was happening. There was one point when I was coming back from a trip to the dumpster (retrieving not depositing) when I saw well over a million dollars in corporate salaries sitting in the sun having a smoke. Hmmmm...

I can't really blame them, because today was the culmination of what must have been a couple of years of planning and like any project that goes from concept to brick and mortar, there is a certain amount of pride. I get that, but it was all of the "suggestions" that made the work much more onerous than it needed to be. These are smart people and their ideas and suggestions were valid, but most of them had either been implemented or discarded over a week before. There is nothing like living with a situation and seeing just how everything fits. It was fun, but I am glad the job is finished. I hope that all of the people working there enjoy their work lives at this new home.

It seems that I can't get away from moving this month. Tomorrow, Arwen and Chris are moving to Chestermere. I will be helping along with about eight or nine other people. The other people are much younger than I am so it will be nice to have young, strong backs to lift the really ugly items. I think I will try to stick to boxes for the most part.

Poor Arwen and Chris, they looked so tired tonight when I saw them. They should be pretty relieved this time tomorrow. Tired, but relieved! Chris asked if I could help him drop off a workbench that someone from Kijiji wanted. Chris was just happy to get rid of it. It was an ugly, heavy, awkward son-of-a-bitch and I am glad that I won't have to see it again. It may be stupid to hate a workbench, but this one deserves to be hated. We got to the place and basically dropped it and ran. Chris and I jumped in the truck and drove off before the people could change their minds. There was no way that thing was getting back into the truck.

I expect to wake up with a sore back tomorrow morning. I had all of that moving at work today and then I could actually feel something go wonky in my back when I was lifting that workbench. I popped three or four "vitamin I" (ibuprofen) when I got home and will pop a couple tomorrow before the move.

Well, I am going to see if I can drag this exhausted carcass down the hall and into the bed. Tomorrow should be a fun day.

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