Saturday 17 December 2011

Sanity Claus

Last night we went out for dinner. It was late and we typically have a difficult time deciding where to go. I usually don’t care where we eat, just so long as I am not served octopus (octopi?), rattlesnake or tofu. I know, I know, it tastes just like chicken. In that case I might just as well have chicken, because I know that chicken actually does taste like chicken. If it doesn’t then, it is past the best before date and you will no doubt be dead or very sick within the next couple of hours. Who knew eating could be so exciting?

We knew that we wanted to go out, but not one of us felt like asserting their own particular desires above the others. Many fine establishments were suggested, and because there wasn’t a hip-hip-hoorah we just skipped to the next suggestion. My personal preference is a place where you just pay for the food and don’t have to tip. I realize this makes me really cheap and that I am cheating my taste buds out of some kind of tongue and mouth orgasm, but that is just the way things go.

We settled on a Vietnamese restaurant which is close to the Best Buy store because Maegan is interested in the purchase of a laptop to replace her recently deceased desktop computer. There wasn’t a ceremony of any sort, or should I say that I wasn’t invited to the service. I hardly knew it other than in its role as middle man to Maegan’s emails. Its demise was expected really, and was a blessing, after all of the suffering that it had caused…err…experienced for the past year or so. So, Vietnamese it is!

I know what you are thinking, “…but Ken, Vietnamese food is shit! There are fish heads, weird vegetables and body parts that are nearly but not quite recognizable, making the food nearly inedible!” You are right for the most part, but you have forgotten about number 18 on the menu. Vermicelli, shredded pork and spring rolls, at least I am told it is pork. Tastes OK and the meal comes with a pot of free tea. I think it isn't tea per se, just boiling water that was set on the counter next to a tea bag for a minute or so. The meal is certainly edible, but unfortunately it was still expected for you to tip.

I have just come back to the blog after a short break and was surprised to see what I had written. You see, this started out as a blog about footwear believe it or not. The odd thing about it is that I remembered writing about footwear. It is entirely possible that I have either lost or am in the process of losing my mind. It would explain more than a few things that have happened over the past…ahhhh…fifty years or so. I wonder if the guys in the white coats are able to use blog writings in the sanity hearing.

Be that as it may, I am waiting for a guy in a red coat to come and visit me…Sanity Claus.

I came across this picture and I am putting it in ...because I can. Merry Christmas Doctor Who and all of the Who's in Whoville!

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