Monday 12 December 2011

Easter Bunny Eared Domo

I took my computer in for a checkup, because it had been doing some odd things of late. I kept getting “CPU FAN ERROR fatal …blah…blah…blah”. When this started, I went out and bought a CPU fan and replaced it. No problem! Well, except that I kept getting that stupid message. That whole “fatal” thing is a little disconcerting to say the least. I was being threatened and muscled by the damned computer. 

Now, as a rule I don’t let inanimate objects dictate how I will live my life or more importantly how I spend my money. I decided to wait it out, I mean really how long can the computer last? Let’s fast-forward a couple of months and we will see that the computer (let’s call him HP) decided to up the ante. Now, I have to push the start button five or six times just to get it to stay on. What a pain in the ass! So, the upshot is that I lost a battle of wills against good old HP. I have to assume that for some reason he doesn’t like the blog. In the future I will have to start giving him credit for checking my spelling and grammar.

Little does HP know that I will have to make a decision tomorrow that will impact on him in a big way, he will either have to have major surgery or he will be replaced by a newer shinier model. I really hate to make decisions. It would be far easier to be wealthy and just junk whatever pisses you off. Well, that is for tomorrow and tonight is tonight. I hope HP doesn’t mind sleeping in the back room at the Memory Express store.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I finally got around to painting this year’s Christmas window. Every year I do some kind of seasonal drawing on the window with my trusty brushes and paints. Normally, I have the window done at the beginning of December, but this year I was having a little trouble deciding what to do and finding the time to do it. I opted to do a Christmas pyramid of penguins balancing precariously upon one another holding a string of lights. It would have been easier if I had some artistic talent. 

I had almost decided against a window this year because time was getting short and interest was getting even shorter. Part of the reason is that you never know whether it is appreciated by anyone or if the neighbours get together and have a good laugh about it. In many ways, it is a lot like this blog. I don’t know who is reading or even if they are enjoying the read. The difference if there is one is that I am having fun doing the blog.

Yesterday I was clearing the walk, and Abby and her owner came walking by. Abby is the big bitch that drives Buster nuts every day when she dares to walk by the front of the house. I started to chat with the owner, (which was as good a reason as any to stop shoveling snow) and she asked me if I were going to paint the window this year. We talked a bit and I decided that if even one person looks then it is worth it. I have pretty much finished the window; except that I want to put an Easter Bunny eared Domo somewhere on the window for Hurricane. I had to look it up too.

Well, time for bed, I have had enough stress and work for one day…


  1. Hey we are still following your daily blog entry, it's a nice change from the depressing news that we are subjected nowadays. B

  2. I enjoy reading your blog every morning. -eric

  3. first thing I do in the morning is read the B...log,Mars

  4. Every morning...I'd miss it if you stopped.