Friday 9 December 2011

The Happiest Man In Calgary

Sometimes it is the things that you don’t do well that make you the happiest. I have a smile and a warm feeling inside right now and I am not sure that everything will stand the test of time.

I mentioned the other day that Hurricane and Tornado are sleeping over while their parents pretend to be the people they used to be. We are going to decorate gingerbread houses tomorrow, but we thought that it would be prudent to assemble the houses tonight in order for the decorators to do their thing tomorrow. I am pretty sure their “thing” will be eating candy. I’m not sure that I want my grandson to be really good at home design. Not that there is anything wrong with knowing the names of colours and what material is right for which application.

When you know that stuff, you become the “go to” guy for all of your friends and relatives. I think we can agree that most friends and relatives can “go to” anywhere else for that kind of info. Nah…that is just me being a dick. It would be kind of nice for people to ask your opinion about every little decision they need to make, and while you are at it then why not buy a truck for them to use when ever it suits them. Yep, me being a dick again.

So, Louise and I have erected the walls on an Ikea gingerbread house. The odd thing about it is that there are instructions that come with it and like all Ikea instructions; they make little or no sense. I just may have a part or two left over! In this case that will be a good thing, because I can eat it. The roof will really test the strength of our relationship. We made four mini houses out of graham crackers, and will test the roof technique on them before moving on the Cabin. I know that we used too much icing on the wall joints, but most of them should be covered with candy anyways. Right? Did I just say “too much icing”? Is that even possible? Let’s just say that the right amount of icing was used but it is really ugly.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

Louise is very lucky that I didn’t build our house! How tough can it be to slap a graham cracker roof on? You would think any moron could do it. Well, not any moron, some morons can’t stretch that far. Hopefully the damned things will last till morning and be strong enough to support about two pounds of candy each.

Like I said in the beginning, it is the things that you don’t do well sometimes that make you the happiest. Judging by the look of those houses, I must be the happiest man in Calgary.

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