Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Eve…Eve

What a great time of year!

I am taking a bit of “ME” time tonight. I haven’t done anything to deserve special treatment, other than suck air in and then blow it out again, but sometimes that is all that you need do to turn a hum-drum day into a special “ME” day.

Here I sit listening to some of my favourite Christmas songs that I have stolen off of youtube ( ). I have just finished a traditional pre Christmas dinner of 2 for 1 pizza and a graham cracker for desert. I have a glass of home made Baileys in my hand (makes it tough to type, but I will persevere) and the taste, although not quite as smooth as the store bought variety, packs a much bigger wallop. I can’t help but wonder on this Christmas eve, eve, just what Hurricane and Tornado are doing in the basement.

I could hear them a few minutes ago, but it has become very quiet now. It kind of makes you wonder if I should really have taken this “ME” time while I was looking after the grandkids.

That first part was to see if my daughter actually reads the blog. I will deal with the fallout later.

I don’t know why, but as Christmas day draws closer and closer, I have a sense of melancholy developing. I guess that it is because for the month or so leading up to Christmas day it seems that the world becomes brighter somehow. Well, I guess it actually does become brighter with everyone putting up outdoor lights and displays as well as the decorations and lights inside the houses. It is a boom season for pretty much our whole society. The retail businesses have their busiest, most profitable season, the manufacturers have been manufacturing to provide the retailers with merchandise. The post office goes into overdrive to make sure all of the cards, parcels and letters get delivered by the 24th of December. The aid agencies put on drives to make sure that the less fortunate can also enjoy the season. We all try to be the people that we would like to be the other 11 months of the year.

I know that I am not the person that I should be more often than not. I am not as kind as I could be and I am often more judgemental than I should be. This feeling that is omnipresent during December really is contagious. I will give money to people on the street and not really care what they do with it. They are usually in uniform and are wielding mean looking bells. Those suckers could hurt. I just read about a guy that is not only matching what the local paper is raising, but he is doubling it! I imagine he made about a gazillion bucks in dirty oil, but still it is nice. Stories of generous people are too numerous to mention. I personally prefer to give moral support, but to each his own.

Anyways, I am battling the melancholy with alcohol and drugs. Nah, I am using the tried and true method, I am watching the excitement and joy in my grandsons and living vicariously through them. Happy Christmas Eve…Eve.


  1. Since I will most likely be indulging in booze and homemade pizza tonight I going to wish you Ken and your family a very merry Xmas now. I would like to extend that to all of the regular readers of Life in a Nutshell. Ken you should be commended for taking the time each evening to share your thoughts and your everyday events with us. Enjoy your Xmas. B

  2. Thanks Brian. I hope that you have a great Christmas too. I hope the man in red gives you everything that you want. Have fun tonight!