Friday 2 December 2011

Cheap Bastards

I am in something of a quandary tonight. A friend told me of a sale at Superstore that goes from midnight till six AM. It is a really good sale.

In particular there is instant coffee which is $6.75 normally, but tonight it is on sale for $1.89. There is a limit of six, but I don't drink that much instant anyways, so three jars will be enough.

It's funny how we use the word jar which indicates a container made of glass to me, but of course all of those containers are now made of plastic. I still use the term "album or record" to indicate a new CD. I guess as a society our terminology tends to lag behind current usage. I think that CD is on its way out and will be replaced with downloadable MP3.  I remember that we would do "research" when we needed to get an answer to a difficult question, instead of Goggling it. I just had a moment there when I couldnt remember the word encyclopedia. Now I just remembered the obnoxious encyclopedia salesmen.

I had a class in high school English and one of the books was written by Chaucer who was considered to be the greatest poet of the middle ages. Honest to God, I couldn't understand half of what he was writing about. In fact, if I hadn't been told he was English I would have sworn he was writing in a foreign language. When you think of the changes that have happened to the language in my short lifespan, I guess we can expect not to know what they were talking about six hundred years ago.

So, back to the Superstore, I am really torn. On the one hand the coffee is a great deal and I am all about saving money, but the place will be filled with cheap bastards like myself. I really can't stand the money grubbing bastards, and I am one! I run into them in all of the places that I like the best. The second hand stores, the auction house, flea markets, Walmart and of course the garage sales. It would be so much better if the bargain hunters would go to the high end stores. Hmmmmmm. I guess that won't happen so I had best get used to them.

It's after 11:00 now, so really it won't be too difficult to stay up and get the coffee. I will probably get there and not only will the store be filled with bargain hunters, but they will be out of the coffee.

I guess I could stop at Tim's for a coffee and donut so the trip won't be a total loss.

You know what? FUCK IT! I'm going to bed and I will just drink tea in the morning. Coffee is no good for you least it isn't this week.


  1. You need to mellow out, a cup of homemade instant coffee would help a lot. B

  2. It could have been a fun adventure. Now you'll never know :(