Saturday 8 October 2011

Traveling Man

Sorry that I was out of touch, but I am back for now. Thank God for wifi

Roll Over And Go Back To Bed

I just want to acknowledge the passing of Steve jobs yesterday. We should all miss a true innovator and someone that proves the axiom that one man can change the world. Even if you don't have an apple product, you are somehow touched by this man's genius due to others "borrowing" his concepts. If Steve Jobs had designed humans, I am sure there wouldn't be death. We would become obsolete, but with just a software upgrade we would be as new an old case.

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Well, day one or should I say day 1 1/2 has begun. Both Louise and I slept in till ten Ontario time, which in reality is just crazy time, but for the next couple of weeks we will have to go with the flow. I truly hate change, although it is said to be good for you. Louise and i went to Tim's for breakfast this morning and had a wonderful walk through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery to get there. It is amazing how many people cycle in the city. Calgary should take note of what Toronto is doing right. Maegan went to work for the morning, in order to save a half day of holiday time, and after lunch we will head to the southern most city in Canada...Windsor. Home of salt mines, automotive assembly plants and brother George and his lovely wife June.

Maegan was really tired, so she slept in the back seat and used a black headband to keep the sun out of her eyes. I looked at her in the mirror and it occured to me that to all intents and purposes, we were driving down the highway with an unconscious young woman that was blindfolded in the back seat, weird.

Well, I just realized that I don't have wifi in the room, so I will post this tomorrow.

We arrived in winds around six, but George and June were absent from their house. The dogs were home, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to go inside. The back door was open, but there is no telling what a dog will do when confronted by the unknown. That is thirty years of letter carrying talking. In this particular case one of the dogs (the blind and deaf one) would have licked us and then fallen asleep. the other would have made us rub her belly until our arms dropped off. George arrived after a short while and we had a pleasant visit until June got home.

For our supper we had what was pro-ported to be the best pizza in Canada. I have to say, that it is certainly in the running. I think it is called Alfonso's pizza.

George took us to the Windsor Caesars casino where we are staying. George had a flood a few weeks ago and is living in a construction zone. Luckily George's good friend has a penchant for gambling and we are staying in a comped (?) room. Pretty nice! I managed to only lose a few dollars, but if anyone wants me back in Alberta you will have to send money.

Well, early to bed and early to rise makes a man want to roll over and go back to bed.

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