Sunday 30 October 2011

Oh My

The blog two days ago was partly about taking my son to the airport and his conference in San Francisco. His wife left to join him on Saturday, and Brendan asked me to double check that the timers had been set on the lights. It is a really easy thing to forget when you are trying to pack and finish up those last few details before heading to the airport. Everything was good and I am sure that would be cat burglars, will think twice when lights in two rooms come on and go off at exactly the same time every day. It is what I use, because I am banking on the inherent stupidity of anyone that makes his or her living stealing from honest working folk.

On a side note, I came across this little gem a couple of years ago and I think that it is just brilliant! I haven’t bought one yet, but I do think it is a great idea. Well, it would be for us because TV is the light of our lives.

So, I was driving back home from Brendan and Tara’s and I stopped at a red light. I look over to the car beside me and I see one of those Storm Troopers from Star Wars sitting in the passenger seat of the car next to me. He was just looking forward, and the odd time he would turn his head and talk to the woman that was driving the car. Why is it that women are attracted to bad boys? I guess she was driving because with our new distracted driving law he didn’t want to attract attention by wearing a helmet.

Okay, I know you are thinking that it is close to Halloween and it was probably just some guy in a costume. Well, perhaps, but it was 4:30 on a Sunday and unless he was going to his mom and dad’s for the annual Halloween costume Sunday dinner, I don’t think so. No, it is much more likely that he is part of an advance scouting team, sent by the Emperor to analyse and then report back on our military strength and customs. I would imagine that we would be an easy conquest, because the only light sabres that we have are made from flashlights and plastic tubes. Forget about our laser capability, unless we could win a battle by using our lasers to point out things on a board at the front of a classroom.

I slowed down and dropped into the Storm Troopers lane so that I could take a photo of his car. I know that I broke the distracted driving law, but I had to in order to get a photo of the car and its plate. I believe it was worth the risk. I mean really, using a camera phone has to be way farther down the list of crimes when you compare it to world domination?

I don’t expect parades or anything, but it would be nice if I could get the dents and gashes hammered out of my body and all of the knobs and bits polished like CP3O and R2D2 did.

So, keep your eyes open and remain constantly vigilant, because the bad guys are among us and if we aren’t extremely careful the crooks and thieves will get into positions of power in our financial institutions and governments, bringing us to the brink of economic and ecological destruction!

Oh my...

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