Sunday 16 October 2011

Read To The End

During the past week, the subject of blogs came up on a few occasions. It is somewhat surprising how many people are writing blogs these days. During one Thanksgiving dinner, there were three bloggers, and that just indicates the ones that admit to blogging. One is called Dexter Days ( ) and is purportedly written by a dog. I met Dexter and he didn’t really calm down for the three or four hours that we were together. I can’t imagine how he can type a blog, let alone take the photos that are in it. My daughter writes a pretty good blog ( ) about church and ice cream (reward and punishment?), and of course this one.

During one or two of the conversations during the week, it was pointed out that mine is a little too long and wordy. Not enough photos I suppose. It seems that most people don’t want to spend a longish portion of their days reading a “wordy” blog. Hmmmm? I know what they are saying, and to a degree I understand. It was said to me “You don’t expect people to read all of the blog every day do you?” I write this blog for myself as a learning tool and to get down some of my thoughts before the only thought that I have is “Will it be rice pudding or jello tonight for dinner?” However, you know, I do expect people to read this every day and all of it. I can’t imagine why I feel that way, but I kind of do. Odd isn’t it?

I will be the first to admit that seeing cute pictures of a dog is much more entertaining that this drivel. It puts me in mind of a story about Sean Connery.

In a scene from “Finding Forrester”, Connerys character talks about wearing his socks inside out because that way the seam doesn’t rub up against your toes. He added this to the script because he wears his socks like this in real life. I saw him talking about it and he was obviously quite proud of himself. Can the Nobel Prize be far behind? I have never had a problem with sock seams rubbing my toes.

While I was delivering mail, I bought white socks in bulk because walking all day you would wear them out with startling regularity. The problem arose, that in the wash, older more worn out socks would get matched up with newer fresh socks. It was a sartorial nightmare to match these disparate foot coverings. My solution was to colour code each sock. When I bought a new batch I would stitch a red, blue, green, tan or yellow dot in each sock that made up a pair. This worked like a charm, and from that day to this, the socks on each foot have even wear. There was the side benefit of giving my family and friends another reason to laugh at me for being so anal.

I guess the point is that we are all different and we each have something to contribute to the world at large. Perhaps in time I will include more pictures and subtract the print that makes little or no sense. That would be most of the blog! I think there is a niche for everything in this world, and surely there are enough whack-a-doodles out there to make this worthwhile.

I am having fun, and I hope that you are as well. Well, you would be if you read to the end.

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  1. I read all your blogs. Maybe not each day but I manage to stay on top of them. I find them entertaining, amusing and sometimes thought provoking. Please continue as is. Don't change anything.