Friday 14 October 2011

Thanks TO For Another Great Visit!

The other day, Louise and I went out to find the Sobeys to do a little shopping. We just needed to get milk and the weather was fine so we walked to the corner and went north. Just about three quarters of a block up, we realized that we had gone the wrong way and headed south. Just about a mile further on it became obvious that if there is a Sobeys in this direction it is of the invisible kind. Louise’s knee was starting to hurt her, so she went home while I continued on. I kept walking south and still no Sobeys. I then retraced my steps and carried on past where we had turned around before. We would have seen the Sobeys about fifteen paces further on.

The thing that disturbs me is not the fact that I couldn’t find my ass without using my nose, it is that both Louise and I remember this journey totally differently. She is wrong of course, but it got me thinking that maybe, just maybe I might be wrong every now and then.

Her memory is that as we were walking north and about 15 paces away from our destination I said “The street sign is wrong, we are going the wrong way. I am sure it is the other way!” Being level headed and not wishing to have an argument she acquiesced to my formidable will power and we turned around and went the wrong way.

My memory is that when we reached the spot that was 15 feet before Sobeys she said “I looked at the map and this isn’t the right way at all!” I was pretty sure we were going in the right direction, but being level headed and not wishing to have an argument I acquiesced to her formidable will power and we turned around and went the wrong way.

Who was right? Who was wrong? You know, if I had to put money on it and could watch a recording of the whole sorted affair, I think Louise’s version would be closer to the truth. That isn’t to say that I am wrong, just that I might not be 100% correct. Isn’t it odd how we perceive life differently, even though the experience is exactly the same?

This is the last full day in Toronto, and although I am looking forward to doing nothing in my own home and seeing my grandkids and dog again, I am going to miss Toronto and of course Maegan. I really wish that I could be here to give unwanted advice and wanted assistance when she needed it. There are many, many wonderful things about the GTA, and southern Ontario in general, but until they perfect cloning, I will have to make a choice. I wonder where I would be on the cloning list? Somewhere between Leonardo and Justin Beiber I would imagine. Later on today I think I will go for a walk in Mt. Pleasant cemetery and see if there is anyone that I recognize and perhaps take a few pictures. Wouldn’t it be cool if I got a shot of  a restless spirit? 
Maegan will miss us, but on the plus side she will get her bed and her life back. 

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