Monday 10 October 2011

Beautiful In Spirit

I knew that I might be out of WIFI for a few days or so and my intent was to do an entry each day and then post them when I could. The problem is that not only was I away from WIFI, but it seems that I was away from any and all creativity. Okay, I rarely have any creativity, but whatever spurs me to write this blog is what I was away from.

I do have the entries that I wrote, and perhaps at some point in the future I will resurrect them. I am thinking sometime around Easter would be good for resurrection. It worked pretty well once.

Today was spent with sister Ev and her husband Jack, along with their boys Patrick, Pat’s wife Michelle and kids Ben and Alexa; and Andy and his wife Tracy and kids Lucas and Madeline. My apologies for any misspelt names, but I really don’t care. When I say sister Ev, she isn’t like Sister Theresa although she is pretty spiritual and has spent some time in third world countries. Her time in those countries was spent in four star hotels instead of leper colonies. Good choice Ev!

They have more a less dream house just north of Oshawa and on a hill overlooking a stunning valley. The colours were all right, but not as vibrant as it has been in the past, or may be in the next week or two. The weather was hot, the conversation lively, the food plentiful and time slowed to a crawl, as it should when you are with those you love.

The drive home wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, but Jack told us of a secret way to bypass a good portion of the holiday traffic. It isn’t really a very well kept secret, but we were constantly moving and that is a good thing. On the way home we firmed up some of our plans for the coming week. Most of the hectic visiting is done with, so from now on we will be more or less one on one. There are a couple of minor projects that Maegan would like me to do, and a couple of major ones that I wouldn’t begin to tackle in the short time that I have. A pro could do it, and so could I but I need to factor in the time that the screw-ups will add.

I am pretty tired from the driving and lack of sleep for the past three nights, so let’s call this a “blog-lite”.

Goodnight and sleep tight…sleep loose if you would like; I just don’t want you to sleep naked. The way that I figure it, anyone that spends their time reading this blog, although beautiful in spirit, may not be as beautiful in body.

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