Monday 17 October 2011

Capture Someone’s Soul

I take a quite a few photos and most of them are rather common. Some are just bad and the odd one actually can move me. I am not a good enough photographer to know why or even to duplicate the circumstances behind these “gems”.

My buddy John has been a very good photographer for many decades and he could tell you why this picture is wonderful and how the photographer managed to capture the perfect lighting and angles that are necessary for a truly great picture. Someday, people will go through his portfolio and marvel at the wonders contained therein. I have a couple of pictures that he took and yes, they are wonderful. There is one of a mountain that is in black and white. I could never understand why anyone would take a black and white when they could have used colour film. Yes, boys and girls I said “film”. That is what the ancients used before camera phones and pixels. So, anyway, just looking at that picture I knew why black and white over colour.

Well, I don’t know “why” but it is a beautiful picture. He has lovely photos in his house, but not as many of his own as you might think. Perhaps it has something to do with modesty. My problem is low self esteem. Well, one of my problems is low self esteem. I never took very many pictures before the digital revolution, because not only did the film cost money, but it also cost to develop the pictures. Yep, I am too cheap to create beauty.

When my daughter was getting married, the best man come over and asked if he could borrow some pictures of Arwen as a child for a slideshow he was going to do. We sat down and went through some albums and he selected a goodly number to include. When I look through the pictures on my computer of my grandsons, I can just imagine the conversation.

Best man :        “Do you have any cute pictures of Hurricane as a child?”

Me :                  “Sure, I’ve got 132,873, and his grandma has over two hundred thousand.

                        Hey! Where you going? Don’t you want to look at the pictures?”

I am not sure that the digital camera is a good thing. When I bought my first D-camera, I asked the guy at the camera store what he thought the future held for these cameras. He told me that they will replace the 110 point and shoot, but no professional photographer will ever use digital. I guess no one could predict the advances in technology in such a short time. I know that I wouldn’t have taken the pictures that can move me if it weren’t for digital, I just wish that someone will invent something that will help me be a little more selective in the pictures that I keep.

I do love the advent of photo manipulation software. Every now and then it is kind of cool to just get crazy, and to even “repair” old photos. I have to get to work on “Revenge of the Sock Thieves” some cold day this winter.

I wonder what the future will bring and if will eventually be possible to actually capture someone’s soul in your camera?

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