Tuesday 11 October 2011

Hot and Sticky

WOW! The weather here is just amazing! Too hot for my liking, but it is kind of cool to get a burn in mid October. There are so very many people in the GTA. I have my concept of what rush hour is from Alberta, but out here the "hour" is more representative of sometime between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM. I am pretty sure there are actual "street people" that live in their cars just driving back and forth on the 401 and the DVP.

I was reminded of the last time that I was here, Maegan and I were about to cross Yonge street and just across the street was this guy that was sceaming at every garbage can he came up to. I can’t be sure why he was upset at the garbage cans, but we decided that there wasn’t anything on that side of the street worth crossing for.
I spent a portion of the day doing small jobs Maegan had saved for me. I scraped, sanded and painted a portion of the wal. Repaired a screen, fixed a stuck cupboard door and went out and picked up a something or other from Canadian Tire. I am not sure that the something is the same something she wants, but I will find out tomorrow I’m sure.

Tomorrow is try to fix the computer day. It should be fun, considering the fact that I have little or no technical knowledge. There is a very good chance I could make a thousand dollar mistake. The good news, is that it won’t be my thousand dollars.
I will see what kind of trouble I can get into tomorrow and hopefully, Louise will be there to bail me out…

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