Saturday 7 June 2014

Playoff Hockey

Well, I have wasted enough time watching the hockey game tonight. I don’t care which bunch of millionaires win a game so that a bunch of billionaires can make more money. It is exciting, but then it should be. These guys are well paid, professional entertainers and they charge a lot of money for us to have the privilege of watching them. I was watching and found that I don’t care who wins, who loses and if someone just said “No more hockey …ever!” it wouldn’t bother me a bit. Most of the time I just pick the dark team or the light team to win.

The only reason I am watching is that our PVR remote has crapped out and it is just easier to leave it on one channel than get up and change it by hand. Boy, have I gotten lazy! I can remember that the only way to change the channel was to get up and turn the selector knob. Well, unless you had kids and then you would order them to do the job. In case you don’t know, I was delegated to be the official channel changer in my house when I was growing up. That might be why I don’t like television sports, dad had me change between golf, hockey, football, baseball, barrel jumping, skating, ski jumping, tennis, ski racing and I vaguely remember him watching cricket once when there was nothing else to watch.

Dad would have loved living in this day and age. He died before there were a couple of different sport channels on TV that had an assortment of sport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, month after month, year after year. Maybe his heaven is just this. I know my hell would be if I had to live in a world of professional sports that I had to watch to the exclusion of everything else.

I’m not sure what my heaven would be. I don’t really have anything that I would do all day, every day without getting bored. Maybe talking. I don’t seem to ever run out of things to say or opinions on pretty much everything. I know that my friends and loved ones are constantly thinking “I’d pay good money if this guy would just shut up for ten minutes!” Sorry everyone, that’s just not going to happen. Nature abhors a vacuum and I abhor silence.

The hockey game is finally over after one and a half periods of overtime, and they are still talking about it twenty minutes later. I doubt there will be any other TV in my future tonight, so I am going to read a good…ish book and get to bed early.

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