Monday 16 June 2014


Yesterday while I was walking to the store, I came across a pin that was lying in the gutter. I always pick these things up because I have hopes that the pin will have a message for me from the cosmos. Usually, they are so rusted that I can’t read them anyways, but if they aren’t then it is some obscure biblical reference. The one I found today was coated with gutter grime and when I wiped it clean there was an image of the sun rising over the ocean with the name Daniel Martin Moore superimposed on top.

Over the years I have found some that were interesting…ish. There was an AC/DC pin, one for Geno’s Pizza and one that wants me to stop racism. I am in agreement that racism should be stopped, but I doubt that my wearing a pin will do anything at all. Probably the person who tossed it in the gutter felt the same way. I picture a guy that was trying to impress a girl who was committed to stopping racism but struck out when he made some racial slur.

I have one that believes I should “Think Global”. It has a cartoon picture of an indigenous person with a headband, beads and a big smile. What does that even mean? I have enough trouble thinking personal. Okay, I just looked it up. I am supposed to act locally in a responsible manner that will help the world be a better place. The pin doesn’t give me near enough information to be effective at all. I will try however, but once the pin gets put away I doubt I will remember that I have to save the planet.

There is this “Round Up The Party Animals” button that is promoting a designated driver program. It is cute and to the point. I get what they are trying to say and I totally agree. Keep the drunks from driving! It would be better to keep the drunks from getting so drunk in the first place, but that would impact on the bottom line of the bars and night clubs. Can’t have that now can we?

I have a pin from Elmira Raceway. Elmira is a town in southern Ontario that is famous for the springtime maple syrup festival. Elmira is also known for having a large population of old order Mennonites who like the Amish avoid modern technology. They ride around in a horse and buggy and a large, orange triangle on the back. I have always wondered how they decide the timeline for modern. I guess in the future there could be a splinter sect that will draw the line at the iPhone 3 or satellite televisions. The Mennonites in Elmira hold fast at electronics and internal combustion engines. Well, unless they are needed for making furniture of other revenue generating businesses. There are new order Mennonites and I have no idea what they believe or why they are different, but just so long as they can keep track of the difference is all that really matters.

The other pin I have in front of me has a brown background with white lettering that says “Beaver Power”. I have no idea what it is for, but it could be some start up Power Company that generates electricity the old way with a water wheel. The water could be regulated by a dam build and maintained by beavers. Maybe it’s a Mennonite power company and since the power is generated the old fashioned way, they can use it to power their factories, iPhones and satellite TV’s. Maybe…

 Oh yeah, Daniel Martin Moore is a singer songwriter from Kentucky. His music isn’t the worst I have ever heard, but it isn’t really very good. Maybe it would appeal to Mennonites if they were allowed to listen to music. How and why his pin ended up in a gutter is anyone’s guess. I suspect that after listening to this, some Mennonite tossed the pin and the CD out the window of their buggy. 

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