Wednesday 4 June 2014


I am getting to be an old man.

Hopefully, I have a lot more years ahead of me, a lot of things that I have yet to accomplish and little ones that need to be spoiled. That being said, I am getting old.

I can’t do the physical things I used to find so easy to do without huffing and puffing. Sometimes I huff and puff just getting out of a chair or a low slung car. I would never be able to get out of a waterbed without doing some serious damage. My eyesight has been failing for years now and nothing short of a miracle will return my eyes to 20/20 vision. I think I am becoming hard of hearing. I’m not sure, but the world seems to have been getting just a little quieter in recent years. Thankfully! I just don’t feel comfortable perched at the edge of the roof cleaning gutters any more. When I look at a job that needs doing, I have to think “Can I do that?”

I would like to think that my mind is a sharp as it ever was, and it may be, but to tell the truth, it was never really that sharp. I still have a pretty quick wit, but that might be due to a lifetime memorizing comeback lines. I don’t know.

I do know that people being stupid seem to bother me more than it ever did before. There are more drivers on the road now that I would swear have never looked at the driving manual or taken a road test. I resist change of any kind, even when I know in my heart that it is for the best. I spend an inordinate amount of time taking to other old farts about how the world has changed. I take a much longer time now in the bathroom than I did when I was younger and accomplish more or less the same thing.

I guess the worst thing is how the people I have chosen to surround myself with, will sometimes disappoint me. When I was younger, I could just shrug and think that everyone has a right to their own opinion. Now, I think that everyone has a right to MY opinion.

Perhaps I am just in a foul mood because the sky is the colour of an old bruise and we will barely make double digits tomorrow. Trust me when I say that I have everything to be happy about. Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am sick. Maybe I just feel old today and it will pass by tomorrow…maybe. 

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  1. You sound like uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction! B