Thursday 5 June 2014


I guess it’s time to comment on my new grand daughter. She was born at 5:23 AM on June 4th which makes her a Gemini, and as we all know the Sun in the sign of Gemini provides a person with a very flexible and easily adaptable source of energy that is powered by all sorts of information and ideas. Sun-in-Gemini people are very well aware of what is happening around them and are always ready to change their direction anytime something interesting appears nearby. They like to experience many things, to meet various new people, to see new places, and have, as a result, a life full of events, trips and meetings. Sun-in-Gemini people want to know everything and to be everywhere.
She may not put much stock in star signs, but like most things, it can’t hurt to have a little knowledge. Well, unless we are talking about explosives, crocodiles, jungle cats, jazz musicians and chainsaws, then a little knowledge almost certainly will be dangerous. When in doubt, she should come to me for advice; unless she wants good advice, then she should probably ask her mom or dad.
I am going to call this little darling “Tsunami”. Her cousins are Hurricane and Tornado so it is only appropriate that her nickname is another natural disaster. I only mean that it looks as if the house has been hit by a natural disaster when they finally leave. She won’t be able to do much damage for a few months, but I am anticipating a holy terror. Her mother is Scottish after all. I can’t imagine her getting drunk for many years to come, but she did manage a massive puke before she was a day old.

I have been hoping for a little girl to spoil. I have a couple of little boys but girls take spoiling to a whole new level. I am assuming she will like candy and cartoons. I don’t know about tea parties or dress-up, but I suppose I can learn. She comes at a perfect time as well; I think Hurricane is developing interests that don’t include his Poppa. I will try to keep up, but even I will be hard pressed to compete with dirt biking, skiing and friends.

Such is life. We all grow up.

Welcome Tsunami, I hope that your trip through life is eventful and full of fun.

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  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful granddaughter. B