Saturday 28 June 2014

Get Within Probing distance


“Is anyone out there?”


Hmmm…no answer… again. I wonder why that is? Is there truly no one out there, are they playing a galactic kind of hide-n-seek? I was talking about God, but if there are aliens out there willing to answer, that’s cool too.
It has been thousands of years since God has spoken to anyone. I mean in person, not through an intermediary angel or burning bush. Well, I haven’t heard anything about God contacting anyone since I have been around. Sure, every now and then Jesus gets his face on a piece of burnt toast, a cookie or a water stained tenement wall. No God though. Well, I suppose it could be that He is around and seen all of the time but bans the people who see Him not to say anything.

I guess I wouldn’t say anything either if God told me to keep my mouth shut. That would be pretty hard for me though. I can’t keep my mouth shut about the inconsequential things happening in my life. I spend my time flapping my lips about the stool I just made, the socks I darned, the bread recipe I just discovered, but keep my mouth shut about seeing and talking to God. That won’t happen! Sorry God.

If I see God, I’m telling anyone that will listen, and a lot of people that won’t listen. Talking to God would be a really big deal! It would give billions of people a reason to get up every morning. Maybe He could have a phone in radio show. No, that would suck, only the whackos and flakes call into those radio talk shows. I have a few minor things I would like clarified, just so that I know I’m not beating my head against the wrong wall. If I hear from Him, I’ll post His email address, so keep reading.

I can see why the aliens are keeping to themselves. How are they going to explain all of those anal probes that they have been doing for so many decades now?

“Uhhh…we are screening the world’s population for colorectal cancer, one person every few years until we get around to everyone. Yeah…that’s it!”

I’d tell anyone that would listen about the aliens too; it would be a really big deal. I have a few questions for the aliens too, but it might be best over a phone in radio show, I have no desire to get within probing distance…again.

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