Wednesday 25 June 2014

An Open Letter To Tsunami

I have waited for a couple of weeks so that you could get your feet under you as it were. It’s a big adjustment being born, going from a warm, loving and nurturing place to one that is cold, loud and bright with all manner of strange feelings. That’s kind of what Grandma and I feel like when we have to return from Hawaii to Calgary in the winter.

You have had to cram a lot of learning into the last couple of weeks, not unlike final exams in high school. I guess the most significant thing you have learned is that your mom and dad will do anything in their power to make your life comfortable and safe. They are the people who will feed you, keep you warm, teach you how to get along in this world and later on they are also the people who will give you money and buy the toys you want. It’s best to keep on their good side, so sleep regular, don’t puke so much and try to make solid boom booms. Oh, and for your own sake, no biting!

The next few months will be cuddles and kisses, so make the most of it. The cuddles and kisses tend to taper off a little after that. You will be really busy learning pretty much everything, how to roll over, how to crawl, toddle and eventually walk. Movement opens the world up for you and you can’t be carried forever. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work. You will find that your Poppa will have trouble understanding you for the first couple of years, my fault, not yours. Between you and me, I am getting a little hard of hearing and when you say something to me and I have that vacant look on my face, don’t get frustrated. I will ask your mom, dad or grandma what you are saying. If your cousins Hurricane and Tornado are around they will help me out.

Speaking of Hurricane and Tornado, they are your cousins. They are pretty sweet kids, but they are boys and will be doing boy things. I have a feeling that they might just teach you some of the more questionable things that kids learn, but if it doesn’t seem safe, it probably isn’t. Especially, if they want you to do it and aren’t willing to do it themselves. Just keep an open mind about them. When in doubt, ask Poppa.

You should know your status in the family. You are the youngest which gives you a certain standing and everyone will try to spoil you. Your mom and dad are the boss of you! Well, at least for a few years anyways, because they know what will be dangerous or good for you. They also feed you as I mentioned, kiss you when you are hurt and love you all of the time, no matter what you do. I’m not sure where Finn the dog fits in, but I suspect he will be somewhere below you in standing but will also be a playmate/dress up doll and protector.      

Your Grandma and Poppa are your daddy’s mommy and daddy, so they are the boss of him. He doesn’t think that, but it is true and later on you can tell by the way I ignore the things he tells me to do when I am looking after you. I am also a real soft touch when it comes to candy. I also will have a lot around the house whenever you come over. We will play together (until I get tired), watch cartoons and when you are older, I am looking forward to someone to watch Princess movies with me. Grandma and I will bake cookies with you and make forts. Well, I’m not too big into forts, because I am too big to get into forts, but grandma is a killer fort maker..

For the time being, listen to your mom and dad, there will be plenty of time to ignore them when you are a teenager. Life will be fantastic!

PS.       I forgot to tell you, Aunt Maegan is a real soft touch too and she always will get you the best presents ever. It’s her thing. She is also a really smart person and knows stuff about your dad…

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