Thursday 15 May 2014


A buddy of mine posted on facebook that his microwave had a small fire and he was looking to get it repaired. To me, the words “small fire” and “appliance” is the same as saying “I need a new microwave!” That is just common sense. Fire = bad.
Strangely enough, another friend had his microwave crap out about a month ago, but his problem was that it wouldn’t heat anything up. Fire is too much heat, even for a regular oven. Anyways, the buddy that had the microwave that didn’t heat food ended up buying a new one. It seems that the only things that you could actually repair by yourself are the door switch, the glass turntable and maybe the light bulb. Pretty much everything else inside of the microwave needs an experienced technician and if he is honest, he will tell you that it is far cheaper to buy a new microwave.

There is a thing called the “magnetron” inside microwaves which would actually cost more to buy than you paid for the machine in the first place. Also, it holds a deadly electric charge for long after you unplug the machine. I’m not sure I buy that, but it is one of those things that I am willing to believe just because it may one day save me from dying. It is a magic machine anyways, so it stands to reason that once the magic runs out, it is time to find another machine with a fresh source of magic.

My buddy that had a fire in his microwave learned that a repairman charges $90 to walk in the door and $25 for every fifteen minutes he stays in your home. Let’s just assume the guy comes in and hangs out for 30 minutes. That means you are already into this for $140 and nothing has been done. I’d do nothing for you Mars and I’d only charge $100.
You can get a new countertop microwave at Future shop for around $100 and an over-the-range one for about $300. Of course the price will go up the more bells and whistles you need. I seldom use our microwave, so I doubt it will ever break down. I’m not sure I would replace it if it did die. I don’t even re-heat my coffee or tea anymore and for some inexplicable reason, I think any food cooked in the microwave just doesn’t taste as good as the same food cooked on top of the stove. Probably there are people that would say food doesn’t taste as good if it isn’t cooked over an open flame. I do melt butter for popcorn in the microwave and it seems just fine.

There are things in life that are needed for survival, shelter from the elements, clothing to protect your soft parts, water and food. We need some way to cook our food, but we don’t actually need something that will cook our food in seconds. My advice to my buddy is that he should take some time to decide what to do; he won’t starve in the meantime. He just might find that he can get by quite nicely without a microwave, there may be a great sale next week or he may find that he needs some way to reheat his tea and that bag full of beans to put on his aching muscles right away.

Good luck Mars.

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