Thursday 8 May 2014

Dull and Boring

I wrote a blog a few days ago about how small the world is. The thought that you can be in some God forsaken place and run into someone you know is really incredible.

Today I was thinking that I have had very few brushes with the rich and famous people in my life. Part of that is because the places that I frequent aren’t the same kind of places the rich and famous will be found. I suppose that another reason is that I more than likely wouldn’t recognize them anyways unless they happened to be dressed in character. I would see someone famous and think to myself `Hey, that guy looks kind of like Bruce Willis. Nah, what would Bruce Willis be doing in a dentists office?”
A couple of years ago, I saw Grant Pollock a local sports reporter and his newswoman wife Angela Kokott in Tim Horton’s. They didn’t really look like themselves. Neither one of them had any make up on, and they were dressed like normal people do that are drinking coffee in Tim Horton’s. Well, I think that’s who they were and when I told them I was a regular viewer and have followed them for years, they thanked me. I guess it would have been pretty frightening if they were just normal people and some bearded stranger in Tim Horton’s told them he had been watching them for years. No cops came, so I guess they did have a modicum of fame.
When I was fourteen, my family flew down to Florida for a Christmas vacation. It was the first time I had been on a plane, the first time to Florida and the first time that Santa wouldn’t know where I was at Christmas. I don’t know why I was sitting by myself on a family vacation, and since I just remembered that, I might need to see a therapist. Lucky for me there was a girl about my age sitting beside me. She was my age, but far older and worldlier than I was, having flown many times before. Her name was Kathy Kastner and she was an actress. Her family is/was big in the Canadian entertainment industry, which in those days meant that she had to fly tourist like I did. That was my first brush with the rich and famous and she seemed to be a very nice person.

My next brush with fame came in Florida as well, at an ihop pancake restaurant. We were having breakfast when the whole Osmond family came in and sat down at a table not too far from ours. I couldn’t understand what the Osmond’s were doing at an ihop. I figured they were rich enough to have some chef cook for them. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them for the rest of our meal. We got up to leave, and while dad was paying for the meal I walked up to Donny and told him that I liked his belt. He said thanks and I left. It just occurred to me that I went up to another guy and admitted that I had been looking at his crotch in a public place. No…that’s not too weird.

I can’t think of any other close encounters that I have had. There must have been some, but like I said there is a better than average chance I wouldn’t recognize them anyways. I’m just as happy not to run into the famous. I have a vision that these people are special somehow and I really don’t want to meet them and find that they are as dull as cold toast in real life. I know lots of dull and boring people already; in fact I am one myself.


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