Saturday 1 February 2014


Louise and I went out for breakfast this morning. I’m still not feeling very well, but the chance to pass on my illness to a restaurant full of strangers was a dream come true. Who says one person can’t make a difference? This is my way of paying it forward. You’re welcome!

After we had finished our leisurely breakfast, we made a stop at the Co-op to pick up a couple of tickets on a dream and there was a movie waiting for me at the library. I had heard that it was a good movie and had been waiting for a month or so for it to come in to the library. It arrived the other day and I figured one more place full of potential vessels for my germs. The movie was “Pacific Rim” and its 131 minutes I will never get back. I only wish I could blow some germs on everyone involved in the film. It wasn’t terrible; it just didn’t live up to my low standards, which is really hard to believe.

Shortly after we got home, the phone rang, Louise answered and it was Brendan. He was calling to touch base and to invite us over for breakfast tomorrow. I gathered from the side of the conversation that I could hear that we would be having waffles. I could almost taste them even though I can’t really taste a lot at the moment. Louise and Brendan chatted for a while and I heard Louise say “You can talk to your dad and work out the details.” They said goodbye and I picked up the extension.

From the moment I said Hello, he knew that I was quite sick. My voice gave me away. He told me that he was going to invite us to breakfast but he was withdrawing the invitation. Not only did he withdraw the invitation, but he said I wasn’t welcome anywhere near his pregnant wife. I told him I was taking medication and there was a small chance that I would be healed by tomorrow. I could tell from the pause that he didn’t think that was even a remote possibility. He said that we’ll plan for next weekend assuming I wasn’t in some kind of quarantine.

No waffles for me I guess. We talked about his ongoing reno and how work was going for him. He mentioned that he had just started reading the new Keith Richards book “Life” and he thought I might like it. I told him that I was reading Carol Kings “Memoirs” and it is kind of weird we would both be reading books about musicians. The conversation kind of petered out after that; almost as if he didn’t want to take the chance I might infect him through the phone lines.

So, I guess I have to wait a week for waffles. I’m sure there is a crowded restaurant somewhere in Calgary that makes passable waffles. Maybe…

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