Wednesday 26 February 2014

But Fun

I was thinking about Hurricane and Tornado today and I wondered what they think of me. I know they think of me every now and then, but I wonder just where they place me in their lives. Sure, I am Poppa, but they view the world in a different way than adults do, so just how do they fit me in to their understanding of how the world works.

I suppose they might have a little trouble understanding just how grandparents can be their mommies’ mommy and daddy. Someone as old as mommy couldn`t have a mommy or daddy, could she? Mommy doesn’t listen to her mommy or daddy and even talks back to them. Perhaps this is the moment that begins years of backtalk. Heh…heh…heh.

Why does Poppa have big eyebrows, hair in his nose and ears? Daddy doesn’t. Poppa’s hair isn’t too thick on top, so maybe the inside of his head is filled with hair and it is growing out of the nose and ears. I guess that is as good an explanation as I have heard and it goes a long way towards explaining why I have trouble remembering things. I knew what I went downstairs for, but the hair got me all confused.

Why doesn’t Poppa ever go to work? Mommy and daddy have to work, so why doesn’t Poppa? Maybe his job is being Poppa. That works too.

How come grandparents always have time to listen to kids? Mom and dad listen, but grandparents always seem to listen. They don’t always understand what we say, but they listen. Maybe it’s too much hair.

Why is there always candy, gum and cookies at grandma and Poppas house, and why can we always have some? They let us pick what we want to eat too, instead of telling us what’s for dinner. If our kids were as cute as the grandkids, they could have eaten what they wanted to as well.

We never have to clean at grandma and Poppas place, but we do at home. We learned the hard way that is one battle that you just can’t win. Sometimes you can get an uneasy truce, but you will never win.

We get to play and watch our TV programs and movies whenever we are visiting. Childhood is too short and we should make the most of their time with us. Laughter is the most magic sound in the world.

It’s different at Grandma’s and Poppa’s, but fun. It’s different with Hurricane and Tornado, but fun.

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