Tuesday 4 February 2014

Cut Down on The Medication

…and so it continues.

Louise came home from work today with all of the earmarks of the cold/virus/black death that I have and it looks as if it will stay in the family for a while longer. Oh joy! She made some chicken soup, took some drugs/home remedies and toddled off for a well earned rest. Minutes later, she came bounding out of the bedroom asking what happened and why all the screaming, running and the sirens. I told her that as far as I know, Armageddon hadn’t started and unless she had heard an imaginary TV program, all was right with the world.
Maybe she did hear the Television; she has always been a light sleeper. Perhaps she had astral travelled to some destination where there is screaming, running and sirens. That isn’t the kind of place I would pick to send my disembodied soul, but to each his own I suppose. That kind of makes me wonder where I would send that disembodied soul.
I guess I could send it to see some of the most beautiful places on earth, but I have a feeling that the view would be fuzzy around the edges. I wonder if that soul could smell. I don’t mean to suggest that it would have BO, but would you be able to appreciate a field on mountain flowers. Probably, why do things in half measures? I suppose that I could send it to the moon or to see if those canals on Mars are man made or just naturally occurring faults.

I don’t think I would turn my astral self into a peeping tom, but it would be interesting to see some of these divas without makeup and designer clothing. Maybe I would be a “G” rated peeping tom after all. I know what I would do. I would go to the movies and just hover there in the perfect spot to appreciate those movies. I could go to Broadway plays and all of the concerts that I can’t get tickets to now.
I wonder if I could travel to the future. That opens all sorts of opportunities for lotto wins and investment strategies. If I won several large lotteries, I could go to all of those beautiful places on earth I was talking about and wouldn’t have to send my ghostly image. I don’t know.

Maybe I should just be happy with the body I have. I might end up in Louise’s scary Armageddon scenario. I won’t win several big lotteries and I’ll never see those superstars naked. Most of the concerts and movies I just have to wait a while and they will come out on DVD. If I live long enough, they will probably invent some way for you to feel like you are floating above all of the action

Maybe I should just cut down on the medication. 

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