Monday 3 February 2014



Now I’ve lost my voice. To those that have to listen to me on a daily basis, that is a gift from God, but for me it is a royal pain. I have to concentrate to croak out one syllable words and hopefully I will be understood. Of course I had to make a phone call to the Toyota dealership to see about getting a flat tire repaired. It went pretty well, but I’m sure the person that took the call thought I was trying to disguise my voice. If they were old enough, they might have thought I was from the “Our Gang” series.
When I dropped the car off, I was smart enough to take Louise to explain just what we needed. The problem was that the guy kept addressing me and I would turn to Louise who would then explain what we needed. It was like I imagine how royalty talks to commoners. They don’t want to lower themselves to actually converse with the lowlife scum, so they take an acceptable lowlife scum to talk to the unacceptable lowlife scum. Just to be clear, I am not now, nor have I ever called Louise a lowlife scum.

While we were at the dealership, Louise wanted to look at some new cars, so I parked the car while she browsed. I came in the front entrance and the receptionist said “Hello”, to which I replied with a wave and a smile. “Can I help you find anything?” I shook my head. “Do you want the service department?” Head shake. “If you need a sales representative…?” Oh for fucks sake! Try to read my mind…LEAVE ME ALONE!

I know I am just going through a little bump in the road, but I can’t help but think just how frustrating it would be for those who are mute. I was thinking that if this lasts any longer, I can get an app for the phone that will talk for me; all I need do is to type my questions or response. I could change my voice from day to day as well. One day I could be a sexy French girl, the next day I would be a hunky Australian beach bum, and for the holidays I could sound like Santa. I guess the only problem would be if I was auto corrected all the time.

Well, I’m getting tired of this as I’m sure you are. Hopefully I will be able to talk tomorrow, but until then…

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