Tuesday 11 February 2014


I thought maybe I would write about the weather and how fucking cold it has been, but I can see how my whining about it day after day after day after day could get just a little old. 

I then gave some thought that maybe I would talk about why countries that don't get along with each other politically can still manage to sell each other weapons, raw materials and electronic toys, but then I realized that I don't care enough tonight.

I could talk about the Olympics, but so far I don't have anything to complain about. Canadian athletes are doing spectacular and all that I have seen indicates that Russia has done a very good job. They may have spent too much money, but that isn't my problem.

Our government came down with a new budget today, but I have avoided the news. I am already feeling body sick and have no desire to become mind sick.

I'm thinking that for one reason or another, there is nothing that interests me enough to write about and I am equally sure you aren't interested either.

See you tomorrow.

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