Saturday 8 February 2014

Some Kind of Fairy

Just a quick note tonight, as I am sick, tired and I have been battling Hurricane and Tornado for the better part of the day. I love them like crazy, but there is a reason you have kids when you are young.

I watched the Dufour-Lapoint sisters win Gold and Silver medals for the Freestyle Moguls in Sochi today. Congratulations on behalf of me girls. I’m just sorry that your sister didn’t take the Bronze medal. Can you imagine three sisters good enough at anything to make the Olympic team? Awesome!
I’ve read a lot about how much this winter Olympics is costing, but you and I shouldn’t let that bother us at all. Why should we care? It isn’t coming out of our pockets and as long as we get some kind of entertainment from it then it is a bonus. Canada will get some international recognition and with any luck our dollar will gain in value. I know, that just won’t happen.

I’m off to bed early with the hope that there is some kind of fairy that visits good adults who will sprinkle some kind of magic dust that will give them double the rest and triple the energy the next day. I hope!

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