Saturday 15 February 2014


I have for the most part been staying close to home lately, partially because the weather has been less than hospitable and partly because I feel less than perfect. It might just be that I have developed an allergy to cold weather and snow. Yeah…that’s it, an allergy.

I went to the store to get a ticket on a dream tonight and once I had the miracle in my pocket I thought I would walk around the store to get a little exercise. The store is going through minor renovations so why not check out where everything has been moved to. Since I was just wandering and had no real purpose or focus, I did what I normally do, watch the people.

I saw a couple of young girls about sixteen or seventeen who walked into the store whispering and giggling to each other, they headed over to the makeup section, I assume to find that special something that women find in the makeup sections. They showed up later in the snack aisle and I was wondering if they had a night of watching TV or movies planned, perhaps a slumber party. Do girls still have slumber parties? Whatever the plans, they looked as if they would have a fun time.

A guy walked into the store pretty much covered in dried drywall mud. I imagined that his coveralls would stand in the corner waiting for the Monday morning when he had to go back to work. He had the look of a man that had put in a long day and work and was looking forward to a hot shower, perhaps a steak dinner that he was in the process of buying and a chance to doze off in front of the TV watching the Olympics. He was single because the basket had only enough food for one. I suspect that on other days when he wasn’t so tired from a hard day at work, he would watch the sports in a bar with his buddies.

Next, a woman about forty or forty-five came in on a mission. She knew exactly where she was headed and didn’t look left or right but marched straight to the dairy aisle. She needed something to finish cooking supper for the family, maybe sour cream, cheese or milk. Like most women I’ve watched, she softened a little and began to let the items on the shelves whisper to her. She wandered up and down an aisle or two picking up this and that. By the time she was done, her arms were full and she could barely hold on while waiting in line. I think the plan for supper had just changed.

A young couple wandered in, herding three kids that looked to be six, four and two. I have the impression that they had spent the day with grandma and grandpa and needed to wind down a little. They were either just coming from McDonalds or just headed there for supper. Tonight would be an animated movie with popcorn, followed by a squishy bath and then a well earned rest. Very nice!

I watched this old guy who seemed to be a little lost. He walked aimlessly and listlessly through the store, never picking up anything or even really looking at anything. There was a slight smile on his face and a dreamy look about him. He looked like he needed to be nowhere in particular and was in no hurry to get there. As I was watching him, I realized that he was watching me as well. It turns out that part of the renovations the store had done was to add a wall sized mirror and I was watching myself.

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